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Phil Dies 3D Green-Magenta by BulldozerIvan Phil Dies 3D Green-Magenta by BulldozerIvan
Scene from: "Sodality"
Made with: "The Sims 3: Pets"


The reason in "Sodality" why Miriam "Sniperbadger" Flippo flees to exile in Hong Kong is because she feels it's the last place the Hebbleskin Gang would think to look for her. After all, Phil would have died in vain, she reasons, if she moved where she'd be easily found.

In this scene, Phil and Miriam are run off the road by Gunner and Skellig Soorfelt. Miriam escapes the car crash with only minor cuts and bruises. Phil, however, was impaled. He panicked, getting out of the car. However, he fell in a ditch and drowned. After numerous attempts to revive him in vain, Miriam despairs the loss of her boyfriend.

He gave his life to aid her and the other Toklisanans in fleeing Ameristani regime tyranny. And worse: she doesn't even have the time to secure him a proper burial. Instead, she leaves him where the wild animals will find him. Better, she reasons, than leaving him where the enemy will find him first. Better he feed the woodland creatures than that the enemy should harvest his organs.

When Phil died, a piece of Miriam died with him. She gave him everything - including her virginity. And now, she'll never know the wedded bliss with him that she sought.

Note: I like how this resulted a lot more than the Red-Cyan version. The depth details aren't what they could have been in this image already. But what did make it through shows up more clearly in this version.
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December 9, 2012
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