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Percolation Warriors - Berseh

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Scene from: "Percolation Warriors"
Made with: "The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs"
Featuring: :iconberseh:

Ug the Caveman was one of the few truly good things to ever happen to Berseh.  Then, the Triumvirate went back in time and killed him.  The only reason she had to feel any reprieve after being made Percolation-Wave-sensitive by MODM, was the one husband that would never mistreat her. 

All she'd known was senseless violence and senseless everything else - until Ug came along.  And sure enough, she found herself having to go back to her old ways.  But not before Ug was avenged!  More tortured than :iconbarefoot-inmate:'s Jackie, Berseh didn't develop any ability to talk to elephants.  However, she did gain a rapid healing factor.  She wasn't coming back as a clown.  She was coming back as a savage killer!  This time, she'd be doing the punishing, rather than taking it!  And she'd keep her clothes on this time!

Ug's killer was out there, and she was going to visit one universe after another until she found him and killed him!  Much to her surprise, this put her square in the middle of the perfect position to aid the Percolation Warriors - as the only member of Strike Team F-Pod that the Triumvirate didn't think to develop a contingency for!  Any other, and they at least knew how to capture them, if not kill them!

Ciem?  Just tie her up and use a Bezeetol dart to subdue her.

:iconadam-00:'s Xira?  Energy beams with enough precision can pierce her armor.  Regeneration tires her out.  Use to subdue. 

Suncore?  Deoxygenation field. 

Hea Pang?  She'll stay behind at a distance, to protect Hester's Locket no matter what!

Tabitha Pang?  MPF generator at high setting. 

Lemon Witch?  Aluminum cage! 

Semaphore?  Take her gloves and wig off, and her hair will stop making sense! 

Carly?  XPF 5M XomiaScreen blast to dampen her! 

Stacey?  Separate her from her Qilantan weapon! 

Kayla Tarington?  Her armor can only take so much punishment, and it retreats back into the Tapestry to recharge!  She then needs several minutes before she can mogrify into the Crystal Swan Knight again.

But Berseh?  Eh...they didn't see THAT one coming!

She can take your cruelty and abuse.  But what will you do when she gains the ability to dish it all out right back?
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Thank you for your efforts and tenacity Ivan. I appreciate that you made a render of me but I do not and will not do any killing
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Easy fix.  Instead, you push the villain over a ledge while he is monologimg, and then free Xira before he can climb back up.  She blows his molecules apart before he can do any further damage.  No murder guilt on your shoulders whatsoever,  but you get to be the deus ex machina regardless.