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Meanwhile, in another universe...

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Scene from: "Volkonir meets the Power Rangers"
Made with: "The Sims 4"


Alpha: "Aiy yi yi!  Zordon!  A whole bunch of strangers suddenly appeared in the park!  Why do some of them look like giant green mosquitoes???  Jason, Zack, and Trini are nowhere to be found!  And LlamaDog is still at large!"

Zordon: "Patience, Alpha!  I will have Billy look into it.  For now, we must study these other-dimensionals and learn what we can from them."

Rita: "What the-!?  Finster!  LlamaDog has to be the stupidest monster you've made yet!  At least make him some weapons, and make it snappy!"

Finster: "Yes, my queen!"

Goldar: "Who the everloving obscenity are these newcomers?"

Rita: "The hockeystick if I know!  Go down there, and find out, you moronic monkey!  And report back when you know something!!!"

The Gwirdon Treaders sent to Angel Grove decided not to attack civilians until they had some idea of where they were.  They were pretty sure the Percolation Wave was why.  Yet, it seemed foolish for them to attack Vollkonir and Kayla in a park they were not familiar with.  Instead, they scattered.  This was not Bozeman!

Things weren't going so well in EccentriaVerse Bozeman either!  Slaisionnach proved tougher than the arrogant Masato could handle on his own. 

Carlos Modi: "Doc, we got a situation."

Dr. Hanom (over the phone): "Did you press that red button too soon?"

Carlos Modi: "I hope not."

Hanom: "Those are Percolations, Carlos!  They are not trespassing by choice!"

Carlos Modi: "Oops!"

Hanom: "The worst part is, our native expert on the Percolation Wave is none other than Gwirmalesh himself!  This is gonna be a headache for everyone!"

Carlos Modi: "What if we get other visitors?"

Hanom: "That could make things here even less stable!  I'd like to think we can get Vinny and Kayla back home!  For now, keep an eye on the strangers.  And keep the police away from Slaisionnach!  They're no match for him!  God, don't let Vinny and Kayla die; wherever they've gotten themselves sent!"

Carlos Modi: "Read you, sir!"

Hanom knew Carlos' training was not quite complete.  But it was what any sane security guard would do if three intruders conveniently showed up on those grounds, and had no backup from his own team!  Percolation Temps were not part of the HanomCorp training program.  They shouldn't have to be!

Slaisionnach: "Yours will be the first throat I've slashed in ages, young samurai!!!"

Jason: "Not so fast, creep!"

Zack: "Jason!  They're not our fight!  And there are Putties loose in whatever town this is!"

Trini: "Zack's right!"

Jason: "You two chase the Putties down!  I'm gonna help that samurai guy out!"

Zack: "Right."

Jason: "It's morphin' time!!!"

The Rangers never even noticed, but the Tapestry of EccentriaCore made a fairly decent substitute for the Morphing Grid.
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