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Maddening Rod and Cheshire Pig by BulldozerIvan Maddening Rod and Cheshire Pig by BulldozerIvan
Scene from: "Camelorum Adventures"
Made with: This image: Simone 02 by CorneredRing-Stock by :iconcorneredring-stock:

Based on the character art of :iconanirbrokenear: and the original short story by :iconprodigal-gamer:


This is Carly Rancine, also known as "The Glitch," "The Apex," and "the Maddening Rod" to the few who actually know her.  She is quite possibly the most dangerous woman in Camelorum Correctional...not because she's mean, bitchy, or violent.  No, far from it.  She's the most dangerous, because her powers are the most random, involuntary, and unstable. 

Get her angry, and you could find yourself in the middle of the kind of stuff HP Lovecraft would write about!

She tends to be followed around by a talking pig that has the voice of Tobey Keith, and is notorious for annoying everyone around him constantly.  Cheshire frequently mocks others' misfortunes.  He also refers to the others as "paesanos," "tootsie," "babe," "hun," and other such titles that the majority of them resent.  Cheshire also originally had the power to make himself invisible to CCTV, making the women he tormented look like they were completely insane, even as he drove them insane.  This was taken away when the Jens modified the CCTV system to be able to detect Cheshire's cloaking.

Carly is in Camelorum for:
1. making dandelions grow on scalps,
2. chopping down a tree with a redacted driver's license she somehow turned into a grenade,
3. making cars fly,
4. almost turning a car into a black hole,
5. turning tranquilizer darts into daffodils,
6. turning a private investigator into a living human bobblehead figurine,
7. being out at night after curfew,
8. sending a giraffe through a man's stomach,
9. sending a flamingo through another man's right forearm, and
10. resisting arrest.

All in one evening!

On top of that, she turns one security guard into a human-fly-hybrid.  She also later turns a teenage girl into a frog, along with dozens of other similar violations committed involuntarily.  The power simply radiates out through her; she is merely a conduit for the randomness.

It's few who actually know her, because the officers that booked her were shocked to find out that no public record existed of her ever being born!  She seeks to use her time in Camelorum to solve the mystery of her own origins - as well as who would try to erase her history of existence!  Meanwhile, she has to put up with guards that question her very humanity, calling her "a glitch in the universe."  Almost everyone is afraid of her, and understandably so. 

This does make her a tad bitter, but she never lets it push her over the edge.  She does make friends on the inside:

- Barry Navoz / "Ion Boy": A college dropout that nearly killed someone in an accident.  He later gains the power to turn green, levitate, manipulate the chemical properties of things, and induce vomiting in others.  And even further down the line, he becomes Carly's eventual husband.

- Candace Mason / "Lemon Witch": A well-meaning-but-reckless superhero wannabe and nutritionist high school graduate who turned a mall cop into a lime in self-defense, then had trouble changing him back.  She can turn anyone into a June bug or a fruit.  However, she can only fully control her vast powers when she is wearing a set of gloves.  Unlike Carly, Candace is well-aware the origin of her powers - and has a score to settle with the evil alien that gave them to her!  She's also trying to find her missing father, and expose the corruption at the company he worked at.

- Emily Barnes / "Semaphore": A young, rich high school graduate with magic, color-changing, precognitive hair.  She was involved in a DUI-related accident that destroyed a fountain, and also tried to flee the scene to evade capture.  But police caught up with her in a bank.  Her hair gave her away.  Originally to be given a year, she got two years extra time because her hair kept betraying her thoughts of contempt for the judge.

- Antonio: A guard at Camelorum with a thick Mexican accent.

- Bonny Boggidy / "Gummibabe": A woman who turns herself into a human bouncing ball.  Was convicted for killing someone's dog when she jumped too high one day and the dog broke her fall.  And for continuing her mother's forbidden human bouncing ball research from just over 20 years earlier.

- etc.

Carly is no stranger to weirdness, and winds up invading other worlds on a regular basis when the Percolation Wave takes a strong liking to her.  She just hopes every time she's dumped off in another universe that her being there doesn't destroy it!

Don't EVER put mushrooms in her food!  That is, unless you don't mind triggering a meltdown of her powers that could kill and/or mutate basically everyone!
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