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Kevin the Creeper Pt. 1

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Scene from: "Swappernetters"
Made with: "The Sims 3: Into the Future"


Even in Chrome Kite-occupied Arkansas, guard-on-prisoner sexual abuse is still not considered okay.  Especially not against political prisoners!  However, not everyone respects that fact.  Some guards assume Hasam Arbini will be just as rape-happy as Halal Affadidah.  They'd be wrong.  Yet, all hope is not yet lost.


Kevin Schemple: "Hmm...smells better than it has any right to!  Am I the only one to notice?"

Hea Pang: "My patience with you sniffing my hair and rolling your hands through it notwithstanding, isn't there a thing called PREA you should worry about?"

Schemple: "This is Arkonia, Miss Pang!  Brave new world!  Soon, a brave new multiverse!  The old America and its obsolete views; they're gone now!  Forever!"

Hea: "We'll have to agree to disagree on that.  But you're giving this institution a bad name."

Schemple: "I don't think Hasam Arbini cares if I have a little fun with an Asian persuasion kitty like you!"

Hea: "I've been holding back, to honor God and my family.  I've not known romantic love since Kyle Medsor picked a fight with Eqquibus."

Schemple: "Both our sides have benefited from Eqquibus dying.  He acted too soon, without approval from Rappaccini to move.  He was never really a team player for either of us.  A psychotic loose cannon.  Your friend John did us a favor in the end by getting rid of him!"

Hea: "Funny hearing that from the guys who cheered on Brackett, Hibbins, and Korsicht.  But okay."

Schemple: "We did what was necessary.  We sent Korsicht after your centipede friend as a favor to the Hebbleskins.  But that idiot screwed up and underestimated her, allowing your Puritan friend to kill him too.  So good John was at swooping in and executing the dragons we send out to burn the village.  Looking so heroic doing so!  But he's not so good at rescuing the distressed damsel, is he?  You're here, your centipede friend is in prison down in Texas - our orchestrations, of course - and your daughter is zombie food!"

Hea: "She survived that little ploy.  She will find a flaw in your system somewhere, and will bring you down.  She just needs time - and friends!  If Maurice himself were sent to watch over her-"

Schemple: "Enough!  We don't talk about Maurice!"

Hea: "Angel of Death creeps even you out?  Frotchimar is out there, and wants her alive for sinister reasons.  Cherinob is out there, hunting him!  Neither Heaven nor Hell seems interested in her being dead yet, albeit for opposite reasons!  When even Thanatos and the Grim Reaper don't want her to die, she'd have to make a pretty big mistake!  And she knows I'll always love her; even if my own mother couldn't make me the same promise!"

Schemple: "I could have my way with you on the electric chair, honey!"

Hea: "I think Arbini wants me alive...for now."

Schemple: "I don't have to make it lethal amps.  But just enough volts to be painful!  But I'm afraid I'd let off prematurely if I did that!"

Hea: "As much as your bosses love slavery to sexual sin and call it 'liberty,' this is still a professional place of business.  Maybe you should've gone to work for Affadidah, if you want to treat me like they did Dolly Malestrom!"

Schemple: "And be forcibly injected with krockodil to ensure my loyalty?  I have standards, bitch!"

Hea: "I'm the sidekick of the Gray Champion.  Consider the fallout of that, before you proceed.  Bigger heads than you want a piece of me - unspoiled!  Don't think they won't send the Stagtar Legions after you!  If all you get is fired for being unprofessional; consider yourself fortunate!"

Schemple: "So vulnerable and cute...yet insistent on staying informed!  And just spunky enough to be dangerous!  Turns me on, really."

Jissika (in background): "Hey bozo!  Over here!"
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