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Jawknee attacks Candi and Dolly 3D Red-Cyan

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Published: July 2, 2013
Scene from: "Sodality"
Made with: "The Sims 3: Pets"


After escaping the death camp in South Bend lucky just to still have their heads attached, Candi and Dolly must make their way back to the old Malestrom house remains near Evansville to recover the Gerosha Stone - and any details on "Project: Musaran" that might remain and would be handy for Darius Philippine to know.

They realize that they are being pursued by a regime that can somewhat predict what their main objective is. They realize that they're being chased buy foot soldiers who are completely and sadistically obsessed with seeing the girls' heads chopped off. They even know that to get from South Bend to Evansville by foot, they have a lot of walking to do. They decide it safest to use the countryside. Alas, even many of the farms are not left alone. The regime's bloodthirst has turned even farm country into a ruined ghost town. Yet...there is one set of acres that the girls notice where the regime dares not to follow them. The crops are left untouched, and the homes have not been burned down. In a few, there's even working electricity still. However...the regime is monitoring all phone calls. Contacting Imaki or Donte would jeopardize the mission.

Yet....the girls are about to learn why the regime halted its pursuit. Along comes a green-feathered girl whose mind has been corrupted to resemble partially that of a chicken. The legendary "Jawknee" has taken over this part of Indiana farm country. The girls' comfortable stay on the farm quickly turns into a horror movie, as they learn that Jawknee can control all bird life and bend them to her will. Jawknee mistakes Candi and Dolly for the friends that betrayed her back when she lived on a farm in Ohio. And just as she had all her old high school connections killed by mind-controlled chickens and hawks, she intends to use her avian army on Candi and Dolly.

It will take all the ingenuity the girls have to get past this menace alive. But once they do, it's out of Jawknee's flavor of Hell on Earth and back into Affadidah's. Fortunately, the abandoned farms give the girls some clothing and supplies - including guns and ammo. That way, they aren't two near-20-somethings running around naked all the time. However, their clothes have seen better days. They fear there won't be any good chance to shower until they reach Imaki in the ruins of Gerosha. Dolly's hair trauma will just have to wait.
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