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Heavenly Hosts Wallpaper

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Scene from: "Cherinob: At the Nativity"

Made with: "The Sims 4: Discover University"

Notable other expansions used: Realm of Magic

Mods used: Armageddon by Sacrificial


Cavalore, Gabriel, Cherinob, Filforth, and Levio in Bethlehem.  They didn't bother in this picture to assume their true forms.  Frankly, the shepherds were already terrified of them as-is. 

Cheri may have a little condition with that whole Shard of Kritchobol thing; but that isn't gonna stop her from seeing the Ultimate Manifest - her king.  And not in a mere humanoid construct like her own; but a manifest made of actual human flesh and blood.  With all the same bones, nerve endings, etc., as an ordinary human being.  Something she lacked.  A gift, to a species as primitive to her as she was to God. 

It was upon observation of this difference in complexity and supremacy of essence, that she understood why beings of pride like Kritchobol lost faith in the notion of love fulfillment; thus why they rebelled, becoming their present ruined forms.  She could grasp Kritchobol's issues with reconciling such commitment to a paradoxical idea.  But she couldn't agree with his decision to forsake it.

Thus, her closest angelic ally pre-War in Heaven, became one of her most dangerous enemies.  Even with her radioactivity curse brought on from the tip of his sword breaking off in her left shoulder, and her mesh intact to avoid contaminating places she visited, Cherinob was determined to see the King's birth.  And to oversee the shepherds on their way to said event.  However, it was still a male-dominant culture.  So she let her male-identifying companions do the talking.  Her eyes spoke plenty already.

Note: This is by no means all the angels that should be appearing here.  Only the ones I was able to get for this setup.  Michael, Maurice, Dolondri, etc., were not available in my save file at the time.  Plus, they'd make very little sense appearing to the shepherds.  Maurice is the Angel of Death; and Dolondri is the Giver of Titles. 
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