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Hands up, you two!!!

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The two didn't get much further, before their location was discovered by Bozeman police!

Officer Harrison: "Hands up where I can see them!"

Zack: "What's the deal, officer?"

Officer Winston: "Trespassing on HanomCorp R&D grounds, you two???  As if those bugs stealing things constantly weren't already a problem, now we have Diversity Program-Approved Neo-Bonnie and Clyde?"

Trini: "We woke up in a strange place, with no idea how we got there!  A friend of ours might be in trouble from those...bugs.  We just want to know where we are, and get him and ourselves somewhere safe!"

Winston: "So you admit you were trespassing?"

Zack: "That's not fair!"

Winston: "Shut up, home boy!"

Zack: "Excuse me?"

Harrison: "Cuff 'em, Winston!"

Winston: "Don't resist, you bums!  You're on video!  You did it!"

As if finding out they were in love weren't enough of a world-shattering revelation for Zack and Trini both, the realization that they were under arrest for something just hit them even harder!

Trini: "Zack!  This isn't happening!"

Winston: "Afraid so.  Now get on your knees, and get ready!  You're on your way to the dollhouse, sister!"
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