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Hadley at Gum Arabic Mental Hospital

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Scene from: "Sorbet"
Made with: "The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs"


After the worst nightmare of her life, Hadley wakes up to find that it wasn't zombies outside her was two vampires!  And worse yet, these fledgling vampires were part of a coven of Phaelite Experiment Offspring (Phexo) vampires that had rebelled against their Phaelite alien masters and were now doing the Hebbleskin Gang's bidding!

One of the problems with this type of vampire?  They tend to have incredibly over-active sex drives.  Fortunately for Hadley, the fledglings were not yet very strong; nor very experienced.  Using all her memorized zombie-fighting tactics from her nightmare, she fought them off - and prevented a hallmate from being raped in the process.

Turns out, they were sent by an old enemy of hers from high school to go after her!  But somehow, they got the wrong dorm.  They wound up attacking the wrong girl, and the one that was supposed to be their target was able to scare them off...just by being really proficient at fighting with a baseball bat!

One of the few things Hadley was curious about, given past traumatic experiences in her life, was activity related to Phexos.   Alas, this put her on SCALLOP's radar.  Trying to explain her situation to campus police made her sound crazy, and Hadley soon feared this meant her life as she knew it was over.

Realizing her potential, SCALLOP made arrangements to pay off her school debt and get her out of Ferris for good.  She finally let loose on years of trauma, and nearly became unhinged.  She was sent to Gum Arabic Mental Hospital near Texas, which was owned by SCALLOP. 

After getting out, however, she gained a newfound empathy and compassion for other patients there.  She shifted her focus from sociology to psychology and psychiatry, and earned a degree down in Texas.  From there, her SCALLOP sponsors allowed her to return to Gum Arabic - this time, as a nurse.

Hadley would later find herself treating one of the most sympathetic cases she'd ever meet: Stephanie Barrin-Tannuli, the former pilot of Strawberry.  Alas, even Hadley's life of nightmares could not compare her to deal with how messed up Stephanie was. 

The damage done to Stephanie by the Screwworms, by Audrey Golin, by Scott Morrisson, by Christina Wade, by Senator Gobar, and by other enemies she'd faced; had left Stephanie very, very broken.  Wanted under the Kirby Act and Beliah Amendments for association with the Sodality of Gerosha, Stephanie eventually turned herself in.  However, her brief stay in prison came to an end when it was discovered that she was losing touch with reality completely, and had swelling on her brain.  Worse: Steph was pregnant at the time!

Hadley, a firm lover of life who only wished she could've had a husband and child like Stephanie, was determined to save mother and child no matter what!  But to be all she could for Stephanie, Hadley would have to relive her own painful memories of when she was herself a patient at Gum Arabic.
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Interesting where this goes.
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True.  She was almost eaten by Scott Morrisson as a child, but escaped.  She was tormented by a classmate through high school.  She got to college, and had a horrible nightmare, and learned how to fight from it.  And then fought off two strangers raping a hallmate - only to be sent to a mental hospital; because she was incoherent and using a bat as a weapon! 

No good deed going unpunished, eh?  But then she turns it around, and becomes a nurse just in time to aid a burned-out former superhero - in spite never actually getting to be one herself.

Her life is tied to Pilltar mythos almost from beginning to end, even though she never encounters an actual Pilltar droid.
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Wow. Impressive.
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Not entirely unique though.  Jyn Erso paved the way for the entire plot of Star Wars 4 to be possible, in spite never meeting an actual Jedi.
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I am more of a Trekker. Sorry.
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Rogue One was basically Suicide Squad, but set in Star Wars, and a dozen times better than Suicide Squad.  I couldn't think of a good Star Trek analogy.  Still haven't seen the third one in the Abrams trilogy.  That's a good reminder I gotta hit up the video store soon.  Into Darkness was...just okay.
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