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Gratia Ruinam test shot

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Scene from: Spider-Gwen: Gratia Ruinam (fanfic, not authorized by Marvel)

Made with: The Sims 3: Into the Future


Far left: Betty Brant.  Whose parents voted for AOC, and she's very defensive about it.

Left: MJ.  Scatterbrained leader of the Mary Janes.  Disorganized, but a good leader in spite of it.  Huge Avril Lavinge fan.

Middle: Peter.  Timid, shy, confused, yet eager to make new friends.  Severely autistic, yet somehow got Gwen for a girlfriend.

Right: Gwen, who's not as big a rebel as her hair might suggest.  She respects her father George and godmother Jean - when they bother to be around.  Has made some extremely poor choices, and hates herself for them.  Has even confessed to a few of these choices, but seldom gets in any serious trouble.  Is convinced her bad karma will catch up to her.  And it does - but in ways she doesn't expect.  Sees herself as a "bad girl" trying to be better, though Peter only sees a hurt and angry soul longing for her mother, but with kindness and virtue beneath all the layers of pain and poor judgment.  Peter believes she is plenty capable of redemption.  And wants to convince her to give herself a chance.  (Though May thinks Gwen is an evil slut for seducing him.)

Far right: Gloria Grant.  Gwen's largest sympathizer in the band.  Shares the same politics with Gwen too, but is much more extreme.  Has a MAGA hat, but doesn't wear it to band practice out of respect for Betty.  The two of them still argue about everything from cartoon frogs to gay frogs to the validity of Space Force.  Gwen has to play peacekeeper, as their arguments can get heated.  Gloria thinks Candace Owens is the greatest thing to ever happen to television, and swears that Fox News made a huge mistake firing Jeanine Pirro.  She also thinks Murdock was behind Pizzagate.  (Turns out to be half-true.)

In this clip

Gwen is narrating in the flash-forward while in juvie to a flashback of this moment.  She's introducing Peter to her band mates in the flashback.  (Final render will de-age them all or give them different outfits, as this happened two years prior to the main storyline and this clip shows the girls in "present day" outfits.)


Gwen first met Peter on her first day at the new school.  Her dad worked all the time as a police captain, and barely got to spend any time with her.  She mostly raised herself.  Jean DeWolffe is her godmother, but also doesn't spend much time with her.  Her mother died when she was 12, and she's been an oddball ever since.

Peter in this version is too innocent for words, but is also severely autistic and timid.  At first, Gwen befriends him out of a sense of pity for how others treat him - and her own sense of justice.

She then decides he's a good friend to have, period.  And when she sees how science-smart he is, she uses him for grades - but then stops because he continues to be really good to her and she feels guilty.

Put under pressure from the other girls at school, Gwen seduces Peter into sleeping with her, once again using him.  After their 14th time having sex, she fears his priorities will change.  But...they don't.  She finally decides to stop pressuring him into doing it when he's not comfortable, because he's the best friend she's ever had and she feels despicable for using him for sex.  (Though, by that point, she hoped she'd get pregnant as a cosmic punishment for being the way she was.  And it didn't happen.  Convincing her worse punishment was coming.)

She finally fell madly in love with him, even telling him she'd marry him when they got out of high school.  By this point in the photo, she's decided to show him off to MJ, Betty, and Gloria.  They question her taste in men, but are supportive all the same.  However, Aunt May begins to suspect that Peter is spending time with a girl - and doesn't trust Gwen because of her hair.

Around that time, he invents the Lizard Formula while searching for a way to help war veterans.  His assistant, Connors, grows jealous of the boy's intellect - and steals a portion of the unstable formula.  But in an accident, spills it on himself and becomes the Lizard.

A short time after that, Cindy Moon of the S.I.L.K. terror organization also shows up to steal the spiders in particular, but they make the mistake of threatening Peter.  Peter is saved by Gwen, who is now his violently-protective girlfriend.  (She got suspended for 3 days for kicking Flash in the nuts and threatening to assault him with a pen cap to the jugular, after he made sodomy jokes about the couple at lunch.)

Gwen gets tossed into a display case during the skirmish, and the spiders get free.  Naturally, she is one of many who get bit as a newscast warns of the chance bite victims could experience unusual side effects.

Becoming a Spider Totem, she begins exploring the possibilities with Peter - even fashioning a costume to aid in performing (but not flaunting it to her band mates right away.) 

Peter begins to feel insecure that he'll never be Gwen's equal.  She wants to tell him that she loves him anyway, and that he'd have headship in their future marriage, but she instead appeals to his pride - telling him he can be whatever he sets his mind to being.  This will become yet another regret of hers.

December of that year, Connors tears up the streets on the block their bus is on.  The students scatter, but Connors tries to secure the rest of the formula to make more lizards.  Gwen fights him and injures him a little, but he fights back and then sends her and Peter falling down the road into the sewers below.

A battered and bloody-nosed Gwen sees Connors retreat, and as she pushes the rubble and debris off herself, begs Peter not to go after Connors.  He tells her he can do it, that he can do whatever he sets his mind to.  Just as she said.  She begs him not to twist her words, but to no avail.

She gets free, and puts on her early costume.  Peter uses the formula on himself, and the two Lizards fight.  However, Peter is no match for Connors. 

Gwen arrives - too late.  Peter, fatally wounded.  She beats Connors into submission, then tries to get Peter to the surface and help him.  But he dies in her arms.  Then...the police see it, and assume she killed him.  She begs for reason, they resort to shooting.  She escapes, and vows to fight crime to ensure Peter didn't die in vain.

Hurt and guilty, she confesses her relationship with Peter to her father - who cheers her up but orders her to tell May what happened as punishment for seducing Peter.  May yells at her and demands she leave immediately, even going so far as to call her a "thot" to her face.  Gwen doesn't protest, but leaves without saying a word.

Thus, Spider-Woman was born.  She feels like she did kill Peter.  But until the slew of new monsters that have come to town are dealt with, and New York can sleep again, Gwen realizes that her cosmic punishment for how she treated Peter as a grade booster and sexual scratching post has only just begun.  

The irony: that she now *wants* to turn herself in so she can ease her conscience...but can't until she now does the job she believes was supposed to be Peter's - the calling from Heaven that she inadvertently stole from him!

Two years later...the main story.  New outfit (to match the game engine.)  Murdock, Hydro-Man, and Chameleon are going to threaten to take away from her everything she has left.  Family, friends, etc.  Defeating them is the only way she can earn the right to bring to justice the worst criminal that she believes exists in her own story: herself.
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