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God Willing, We Will Wallpaper

Scene from: "Sodality"
Made with: "The Sims 3: Pets"


The year is 2019. Phexos (Phaelite Experiments' Offspring) are scattered amongst the general population, each of them bearing an interesting set of powers inherited from their experimented-on parents.

But they're hardly the biggest news. The United States has gone over the fiscal cliff. Excessive spending in Washington secured itself behind one lobby too many, until it became too sacred to stop. After the end of 2012, it became unsustainable, even with the best efforts to pass a budget.

The second term for Obama failed to keep stability and rest within the country, and it has disintegrated into four nations. The northwest has been taken over the the cruel Hebbleskin Gang, which calls their new home "Netheel." From this nation, they terrorize the other American splinters with their creations. The southwest and west coast are divided between a free republic named "Toklisana" and a colony of China, dubbed "Chimerica." The eastern US has been taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood, and renamed "Ameristan."

The new dictator Affadidah once promised that those who registered as Toklisanans in time would be allowed safe passage to leave his country for good. Then...he changed his mind. While those living in the nation in 2018 reaped the benefits of a promise kept, those still trapped in Ameristan in 2019, awaiting their appointed departure times, reaped the sufferings of betrayal.

Ameristan, with help from the Hebbleskin Gang, has become a prison state, bent on a religious cleansing to make the entire population Muslim. Amidst the cleansing efforts, a few of the "dhimmies" wishing to make it to their new homeland of Toklisana have formed a resistance against the death camps that have sprung up everywhere.

In this kind of world lives the Phexo couple Donte McArthur and Candi Flippo. Candi, heiress to the fortune of Gerosha town founders Stan and Shalia, was born with centipede-themed powers. Her boyfriend, Donte, was born an Emwault. The Emwaults can absorb and manipulate energy from around them, allowing them to become like something between Superman and the Green Lantern.

Outside of her godfather Imaki, who's training her to become a vigilante known as "Ciem," Candi only has Donte left. She's eager to start a new life with him in wedded bliss in Toklisana - if they ever get there.

In this panel, the two of them kiss passionately in the rain. They are both excited, and terrified. Tomorrow, they make their way through the war-torn Ameristan to the border with Netheel, to use a pass to lead several Toklisanans away from harm. The journey will be dangerous, and many of their traveling company won't survive.

Candi is so completely invested in Donte at this point, that she lets it be known that she longs to carry his child. Donte assures her that, God willing, they will have a child together. They aim for self-control, but slip up on this evening.  They don't even make it to the bunker before getting lost in the heat of the moment, out in the open where the enemy could easily find them.  Realizing how far they are going and how dangerous it is, they retreat indoors to complete their moment, and then call it a night.

Afterwards, they resolve to remain chaste until they've crossed the border. Attempts to get married in Ameristan will only get them captured and likely killed. Also, taking too many risks would leave Candi vulnerable to one of the few things that actually can temporarily strip away her powers - pregnancy. She owes it to her fellow exiles not to endanger them by putting Ciem out of commission. But can she and Donte learn to keep their physical desires in check?


Notes: If you look carefully, you can see their breath, along with the rain dripping and shimmering on their skin. Candi and Donte are burning with desire for one another.
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