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Fake IDs?

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As the two officers placed handcuffs on the mysterious lost couple, Winston couldn't help but reach about - a bit inappropriately - into Trini's pocket to search for anything he could find of value on her.  With less of a perverted streak, Harrison reached into Zack's pockets.

Harrison: "Power Rangers?  This some sort of cute toy?"

Zack: "It's no toy, trust me!"

Winston: "Probably one of Hanom's crazy inventions!  I bet he intends to make his own version of whatever that knight is that keeps prowling around his properties!  But since he knows we're not fond of that knight, a ranger just might be more accepted?  Guy's nuts!"

Harrison: "Whatever.  We'll collect these...these..."

Zack: "Morphers!"

Harrison: "Yes, whatever.  We'll collect these trinkets as evidence.  We can add theft charges to the trespassing ones."

Trini: "We didn't get those from this Hanom figure!  It was given to us by-"

Winston: "Tell the judge, hot stuff!  He might just get you moved to a psych ward instead, if you put on a good enough show.  You still ain't free, but it'll be a tad more comfy there."

Zack: "Hey, man!  You can stop grabbing her ass!  That ain't professional!"

Harrison: "I hate it when they're right.  Best cut it out, Winston.  We can't afford to have them suing the city."

Winston: "Ah, whatever!  Fine!  Check this out...these are very old-school California state IDs.  'Angel Grove' though?  There's no such city!"

Harrison: "Fake IDs?  We'll add that to the list of charges."

Zack: "We're not from this Earth number!  It shouldn't surprise you that your Earth doesn't have an Angel Grove!"

Winston: "Aw crap!  Do we gotta put him in the psych ward too?"

Harrison: "We put a vampire in there, allegedly.  And we did see that knight battling a giant raccoon!  So...there's a ghost of a chance they're telling the truth."

Winston: "Let's just take 'em in.  Let the judge sort this out!"

Harrison: "On that, I agree."

Zack thought the officers in Angel Grove were stupid!  He wasn't sure what to be upset about more: the fact that he and the woman he just realized he was in love with were going to jail; or the fact that the arresting officers were really this bad at their jobs!  Either way, he could hardly believe that he went from respected Ranger and role model to petty criminal in a matter of a few hours, all due to a gross misunderstanding!

And then it dawned on him: Trini was always the role model everyone looked up to, even before him!  How would she show her face now?  Would anyone back in Angel Grove understand?
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