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Emo Rangers for Sims 4 download

Alright, Simmers; it's moshin' time! 

Has your Sims 4 game been overrun with boredom and depression, and needing some flare and fashion to arise out of that for far too long?  Now you can fix that.  The series by Chris Phillips and Nick Pittom can be relived in your game for years to come (or until Sims 5 comes out, but...nit-picks, right?)  Give these Rangers the adventures they never had the budget to explore before!  One of the funniest shows to ever come out of the UK finally gets the Sims treatment it deserves (maybe.)

If you're not familiar with this gem of a short-lived series, then the wiki for it is here.


Using Grilled-Cheese-Aspiration at Tumblr's re-mesh of the DJ helmet from The Sims 4: Get Together, you can now put the Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers into your game!

Captain Emohead: "What are you waiting for?  Do it already, you foppish nobs!"

Stef: "$&%^ yeah!  Emo Rangers!"

Luke: "Whoooo!!!"

Fai: "Now THAT is fashionable!"


Included in downloads

• Multi-swatch recolors of male and female shirts done emo-style for the Rangers to wear
    1.  Male file Chaos Mohawk swatch
    2.  Male file Chronic Stoner swatch (for John's original power)
    3.  Male file StraightxEdge swatch (for John's later power)
    4.  Male file Introspective swatch
    5.  Female file Bleeding Heart swatch
    6.  Female file Weeping Tears swatch

Note: FashionxCore uses a very different outfit.

• Diffusion maps for adding recolor swatches to the GCA helmet
    1.  FashionxCore
    2.  StraightxEdge
    3.  Introspective
    4.  Chronic Stoner
    5.  Bleeding Heart
    6.  Weeping Tears

(All helmet swatch recolor diffusion maps are unisex.  Must be added using Sims 4 Studio to the GCA match, as with my Power Ranger mod.)

• Standalone recolor of the DJ helmet from the game with the mohawk, for Luke's Chaos Mohawk Ranger form.

Not included

• GCA helmet actual re-mesh (per that download's rules on Tumblr, why link is provided instead)
• Weapons (no studded belt, tissue box, samurai sword, etc.)
• Zords
• Captain Emohead
• Emo 5
• Evil Empress
• Col. Crusher
• Rave Pirates
• Hoodie Patrol
• Townsfolk
• Any sets
• Evil Chronic Stoner Clone
• May Jane / Neo-Chronic Stoner
• Burger Klown, Uncle Cuddles, Scare Bear, or any other monsters.

Required third-party DLC

Grilled-Cheese-Aspiration's DJ Helmet Re-Mesh

Required expansions

Get to Work
Get Together (for GCA's helmet re-mesh base code especially)
City Living (especially for Fai's Ranger outfit)

Download link

Emo Rangers shirts at MediaFire
Emo Rangers Ross, Luke, John, Vicken, Fai, and Stef at MediaFire
Diffusion maps for Ross, John, Vicken, Fai, and Stef at MediaFire
Luke's Chaos Mohawk helmet recolor (standalone) at MediaFire

Side note

Look for these versions of the Emo Rangers to make an appearance soon in "Volkonir Meets the Power Rangers."

UPDATE: As of 5/8/2017, these uploads are approved by Chris Phillips, one of the series co-creators!  SWEET!!!
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