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Dozerfleet Heroes Cosplay Catalog by Difficulty

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For larger zoom ability, visit each image on my gallery individually of whichever character interests you, or click here to download a PDF file.

This is a reference of each hero character's look based on estimated difficulty level for custom designers to replicate.  Image of :iconfaestock: is from Ashen  - Stock Portrait Reference 9 by faestock.  Please contact her if you want a copy of the exact dress she wore.

If this gets popular enough, and enough of you want to do this for actual Comic Cons or whatever, then I might upload a catalog for the villains next.

Again, for help with anything Cagegirl-related, please contact :iconadam-00:, as he holds the rights to the actual graphic novel.

This catalog doesn't include most civilian forms, unless a character only has a civilian form.  Also not included: prison uniforms.

Update: Following corrections were made to the downloadable version of this as a PDF:

- Young Anda is from They Call Him...Black Rat, NOT from Swappernetters.

- Grinodos' Bison Hunter uniform is from The Bison Reborn, not Volkonir.

- Likewise, Tomi Himada is from The Bison Reborn.

- Rockstar Games credits for GTA 5 added to the fine print and legal notices.
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