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The two found themselves near a storage locker facility, and began heading back toward where they came from a different way.  They were in less of a hurry this time.  As much as they feared for Jason's safety, they were just as concerned about drawing suspicion to themselves. 

Zack: "Hey...you okay there?"

Trini: "I suppose.  It's just...well...I was feeling shy about saying anything..."

Zack: "You're worried we'll be stuck here forever?"

Trini: "Well, that's part of it."

Zack: "Unless you want it to do otherwise, then nothing you tell me here leaves this other world.  And whatever happens in this world, stays here, right?"

Trini: "That can never be entirely true of literally everything; but I get your point."

Zack: "So...what's eating you?"

Trini: "Zack...in the few months that I've come to know you...I've come to see sides of you that I have never seen in anyone else.  Sides I..."

Zack: "Hey, it's all right.  I've been over-the-moon for you too.  But I set my sights on Angela first.  Hey...if things don't work out with you and Richie, and I can't win over Angela long term...you can always look me up.  I don't think anyone else will understand me like you will."

Trini: "That's just it.  If we don't find a way back...you may very well be literally it.  I don't know if my family would approve though."

Zack: "Well, if we are stuck here, then they aren't around to say anything, right?"

Before he could say another word, she grabbed hold of him.  The kiss was a long one, enough to invoke in both of them fond memories of having watched films such as The Princess Bride.  It could potentially cause them to question everything. 

His rugged lips against her smooth ones provided them a contrast of textures enticing enough to want to explore further, though they knew doing so would be against their better judgment.  As their hearts raced in a way they weren't accustomed to, they immediately realized they'd already gone too far.

Trini: "For now...that stays here.  But I would be all too happy to do it again!"

Zack: "Amen to that.  If we don't find Jason by nightfall..."

Trini: "As much as I'd like to...we better find him!"

Zack: "Right.  Duty first, love later.  Let's keep going!"

Both of them felt changed inside.  Like this is how it was supposed to happen!  But again...what about Angela and Ritchie?  On the other hand...if they never got back to their proper world, would those two even matter?  It's not like Ritchie had ever shown Trini the affection and attention she wanted from him.  And did Angela really care about Zack at all?  That kiss created a lot of confusion instantly.  To whom were these two even loyal?  Each other?  Their external crushes? 

No time for that!  Jason needed to be found!  Why hadn't he tried to reach them yet?
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