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Ciem Fires Her Darts 3D Red-Cyan

Scene from: "Sodality"
Made with: "The Sims 3: Pets"

Before he died, Imaki helped Candi produce multiple Ciem suits and accessories. Here she is in a Ciem suit, defending a cemetery from grave robbers. She's firing staple-sized darts marinating in her centipede venom inside of a glorified staple gun, or "dart shooter."

If stung, it's like a bee sting. Especially push your luck with her, and she has several hand-to-hand maneuvers to make you wish you were never born. She is also, in this picture, barring some of her stingers, or "centilegs." With her belt, Zeran wardrobes, and Zeran teleporters, she can be where she needs to be quickly. She can heal quickly also. Is there anything she can't do?

Two things: She can't fly, and she can't climb walls. Ciem becomes one of many Phexos living near the University of Houston by season 2 of "Cataclysmic Horizons."

Her teammates eventually include the Earwig, Botan the Plant-Man, Emeraldon, and Jackrabbit.

Scene is shot from the killers' perspective, as the dart is flying out of Ciem's right-hand dart shooter and right at one of them.

Note: The hardest part about this image was making the dart appear to be coming out of the screen.
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