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Camelorum Crossover: Emily Meets Emily

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By BulldozerIvan   |   Watch
Published: September 21, 2015
© 2015 - 2020 BulldozerIvan
Scene from: "Camelorum Adventures"

Made with: "The Sims 4: Get to Work"

Character notes: Emily Cormier is from Sodality.  ™ Dozerfleet Comics.  Emily Barnes is the OC of :iconprodigal-gamer:


Barnes: "Oh well.  Another day, another awkward elevator ride."

Cormier: "Say...where am I, anyway?"

Barnes: "Oh.  This is Camelorum Correctional.  I've been here a while now."

Cormier: "I was wondering why your uniform isn't SCALLOP standard for women."

Barnes: "What's 'SCALLOP standard' ?"

Both girls looked at each other royally confused.  But it was the slow elevator and the guard was saying nothing.  Exposition time!

Cormier: "Security-Centric Alliance Lending and Learning Of Phaelites.  SCALLOP.  They locked me up because I was unable to stop my husband from going on the lam after he became a wanted man.  They figure them keeping me will convince him to turn himself in, in exchange for my freedom.  But he's off fighting the real bad guys, so it might take a while before he does."

Barnes: "Sounds like you live in a pretty harsh world, if they'd lock you up for that."

Cormier: "Judging by the oddity of me being here, I'd say I'm a Percolation.  My original is probably still at the SCALLOP Women's Containment Center."

Barnes: "The what?  The where???"

Cormier: "Percolations are xeroxed clones of individuals that are created by an energy scan caused by universal instability.  The scans are a multiversal phenomenon that essentially means I now exist in two places at once.  Or maybe there are even a million versions of me now.  Hard to tell."

Barnes: "Ouch, gal!  And I thought Carly was a glitch!"

Cormier: "Maybe if Fadimo Woziga got percolated too, I can have him do an energy signature scan on your Carly and figure out where she's really from."

Barnes: "Fadimo who?"

Cormier: "Phaelite scientist.  In my view, second only to Desulon in his field!  There's...green men, where I come from."

Barnes: "At least there aren't weird trapezoid toony things or purple pumas or purple evil aliens running amok there!"

Cormier: "Oh, don't kid yourself.  We've had to deal with the Hebbleskin Gang, the Phaletori, the list goes on."

Barnes: "So what's your name?"

Cormier: "Emily."

Barnes: "No kidding.  Mine too!"

Cormier: "Is your husband a Phexo or Phex-1 by any chance?"

Barnes: "What?  No.  I'm single.  Why?"

Cormier: "The Kirby Act and Beliah Amendments.  I'm assuming those don't exist in this world."

Barnes: "I got drunk and destroyed a fountain.  I have really no idea why I've been pulled into the Twilight Zone for it!  And what'd your hubby do that was so awful anyway?"

Cormier: "He lost his cool and destroyed an entire city."


Barnes: "And...what's your specialty?"

Cormier: "I'm a biochemist."

Barnes: "So, like Walter White?"

Cormier: "Don't insult me."

The elevator dinged.  They'd reached their floor.

Barnes: "Will I see you again?"

Cormier: "Depends on the Percolation Event's behavior in the next few...-"

She vanished before she could finish the sentence.

Barnes: "What a weird woman!"

Carly: "Your hair just turned green like hers."


Barnes: "Spit!"


After nearly five months of planning, I've finally got this done.  Enjoy, everyone.  I first got the idea for an exchange between these two women here.  Although, this version of the exchange is a lot friendlier than the initial idea I had.
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but how is possible be arrested in the sims 4?
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BulldozerIvanHobbyist General Artist
These Sims are actors, technically speaking.  In the game itself, only non-controlled household members, townies, and certain NPCs can be arrested.  The detective has to be under your control, the crime has to be vandalism, and there has to be an APB.  The Sim you grab has to match at least three criteria of physical description, and then they come willingly to jail with the detective.  Otherwise, they claim false arrest and you lose points and they are free to go.

It's not easy to have actors fake it either, such as when Cherinob was arrested in my one panel, she was actually doing situps.

That's why I'm repairing my Sims 3 game, so I can do more realistic action scenes.  Though, it's tricky to get Sims arrested in that game too, but actors are more believable due to the Pose Player.

In the game's mechanics, the police only arrest you for murder, curfew violation, burglary, being in strange places when you are in the actual criminal career track, pranking a school, or if you have a corrupt mod that causes them to discriminate against playable ghosts getting teaching jobs.

 I kept trying to get Tabitha in trouble in the actual mechanics of the game.  Only succeeded when she attended some summit about the future as if she were Casey from Tomorrowland.  That led to curfew violation.  I had an evil Sim beating up kids and killing Sims and getting away with it, so Tabby's mom, I made a vigilante to battle the bad guy.  Hea got arrested instead.  She got 12 hours in jail, and everyone started hating her, until I reset her with the Master Controller so her loved ones would take her back.

The others I had to mod the crap out of my game to get them in trouble.  Normal Sims without mods totally ignore Keet Kabo.