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Camelorum Adventures: Xiboruty Holds Carly n Emily

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Published: July 29, 2015
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Scene from:"Camelorum Adventures"
Made with: "The Sims 4: Get to Work"
Based on the characters by: :iconprodigal-gamer:


Xiboruty had 2 hours to kill before he could utilize the battery he'd hidden inside Carly.  The Camelry were busy battling an invading army, the Judo Iguanas were a little tied up at the moment, and he didn't know about the Jen in Black.  As far as he was concerned, everything was going according to his evil plan.  There was just one thing left for him to do...gloat!  What else do you do when you're given over to cartoon villainy?

Xiboruty: "You don't seem happy, Carly!  You're about to become the battery to my latest ticket to destroying your world!  You should be proud of this achievement!  Not every girl gets to grow up to blow up planets!  Heh heh heh!!!"

Carly: (muttering)

Xiboruty: "Oh, what's that?  Lemme guess...too X-rated for the kids at home to hear?"

Carly: "Eat...droppings...and...DIE!!!"

Xiboruty: "Oh, you had to think about that one!  Quite touching!  And Emily...so sweet Emily!  Would you...like a drink?  Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa!!!"

Emily: "You're a monster!"

Xiboruty: "Please!  I'm only going to kill you and use the you for engine oil!  It's not like I'm gonna sell your liver down in Mexico or anything!  What am I, Planned Parenthood???"  (continues laughing maniacally)

Carly: "This is all a waste of time anyway!  The Camelry will -"

Xiboruty: "FAAAAALLLLLSE!!!!!!!  I...always wanted to say that!  In T-minus 2 hours, my little, oily, Energizer Bunny!"

Carly reached for the parrot that was now flying above her, grabbing it and smearing its face against the glass to alleviate her anger.

Xiboruty: "Nice try!  But if you want to give me the bird, next time don't be so half-hearted about it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!!!"

Carly: "Duly noted...."

She noticed that half the feathers were missing from its back.

Carly: "...featherplucker!"
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A little political satire.
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BulldozerIvanHobbyist General Artist
Yep.  I worked as many jokes as I could into this one, channeling the Mark Hamill Joker for Xiboruty as much as I could get away with.  Of course, his yelling "Faaaaalllllse!!!!" is in reference to Superman Returns.  The "featherplucker" joke goes back to 2006.  The "I'm only going to kill you and..." joke is actually based on a similar joke told by O'Malley in episode 45 of Red vs. Blue.  That "next time you wanna give me the bird" joke is actually inspired by a popular moment in Animaniacs.