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Camelorum Adventures: Camelry, Assemble!

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By BulldozerIvan   |   Watch
Published: July 26, 2015
© 2015 - 2020 BulldozerIvan
Scene from: "Camelorum Adventures"
Made with: "The Sims 4: Get to Work"

Inspired by the works of :iconshases:, :iconprodigal-gamer:, :iconbarefoot-inmate:, and :iconanirbrokenear:


It was a very grim day for the staff at Camelorum Correctional: the jail had been broken into, and there was a containment breach.  But that wasn't the worst part: the reason for the raid was what made it worse!

The same alien that transformed Candace Mason into the Lemon Witch came looking for Carly, claiming he had hidden inside of her the power source he needed to run his ultimate machine to rain down war on Earth.  Candace tried to stop him, but her powers failed to turn him into a fruit.  It only seemed to annoy him instead.  Even so, she vowed to rescue Carly and get revenge on Xiboruty for ruining her life. 

He also captured Emily, Jenny J, and Jenny K.  Barry attempted in vain to stop him, but was instead transformed into the radiation-spewing Ion Boy.  About 68 other inmates were senselessly slaughtered before Xiboruty fled.  Capturing and imprisoning him was not an option.  He needed to die.  Worse, he'd captured the 20s Altered Judo Iguanas just in case they tried to stop him - and sabotaged the Kitchenodrome so that the Spatula couldn't do anything!  He also wrecked Luin's new refrigerator.  Which made it personal.

A mysterious old man known only as the Lightning Hobo appeared at Camelorum along with Laney the Laughable.  He offered them a plan that they could hardly afford to refuse: to lend to him Candace, Barry, and Janet "the Glob" for a mission to bring Xiboruty down.  How could they say no?  Ion Boy, Lemon Witch, and the Glob were more than happy to assist.  Luin pitched in to provide them upgrades, in spite her personally detesting Candace.  The deal was simple: kill Xiboruty, save the world, return the prisoners, and everyone would get to enjoy better meals.  Not to mention fame, and action figure deals.  Just not freedom.  That was asking too much.  Ion Boy, Lemon Witch, and the Glob were gong back to jail.  No one at Camelorum recognized Jackie in her Laney Laughable outfit, so she got a free pass.  Lightning Hobo would be given the money he needed to purchase a new bike.

When Xiboruty attacks a clothing boutique next for unknown reasons, he is surprised to find himself confronted by:

- Ion Boy: who glows and can mess up your body's ionic particles

- Lightning Hobo: Who wears an eyepatch for unknown reasons and can shoot lightning.  Because Hobo with a Shotgun was already taken.

- Lemon Witch: She'll turn you into a fruit.  You might not get better.

- The Glob: Who is not easily moved when she plants her feet.

- Laney the Laughable: The deadly gags keep coming.

The Camelry had assembled, and it was time to kick some paranormal posterior!
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