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Melinda (sarcastically): "My two favorite apex predators are back.  More junkies?"

Winston: "I wish, darling.  Fake IDs, raiding HanomCorp R&D, making off with...toys..."

Zack: "Morphers!"

Winston: "Toys!  Whatever.  And they claim there's a third one that got away.  They were getting a bit close.  So I'm thinking we should separate these rabbits before they start breeding!  Hanom's gonna be infested if we don't get on top of things!"

Zack: "It's....way early to be talking about kids!"

Winston: "Oh, little Boy Scout would wear a condom?  How sweet!"

Harrison: "Oh good grief, Winston!  This isn't 5th grade!"

Trini: "I don't like this city one bit!  Too cynical."

Zack: "Perhaps that samurai guy can explain to us how he tolerates it here?"

Harrison: "A samurai?  And we thought that knight running around was trouble!  Anyone care to fill any of us in on what's going on?"

Zack: "You wouldn't believe us anyway!"

Winston: "Funny, Deadshot!  The judge probably won't believe you either!"

Zack: "Deadshot?"

Melinda: "Boys!  Enough with the racist Will Smith jokes!  What is this, 1960?"
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