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Battle at the Bar 3D Green-Magenta

Scene from: "Sodality"
Made with: "The Sims 3: Pets"


In this scene, Don the Psycho has started wreaking havoc at a dive bar. Jack "Jackrabbit" Mercreek tries to take him on, but only manages to get the jump on him long enough to take his guns away.

Too angry to think straight, Don forgets that he can run really fast and retrieve the guns. So he instead tries to battle Jackrabbit directly, discovering just how quickly Jack can jump out of the way.

Named "Jackrabbit" because he can leap two stories with little effort, Jack does not at this point have a costume. However, he doesn't know of any Phexos or Marlquaanites yet that actually do have costumes.

Realizing that Jack is in over his head, Candi decides to put the Ciem suit that Imaki made for her before he died to good use. Yes, she has plenty of spares. But none do any good if she doesn't start using them! And this time, she decides to save Jack from his foolishly picking a fight with the man in Candi's nightmares.

She fears the alterations made to him might make him less vulnerable to her centilegs. But before getting close enough to find out, she readies her centi-venom staple guns to dish out some mid-range fire.
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