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This moment was perhaps the worst for Trini.  As a family across the street exited a classic German-style restaurant, the little children gazed in awe at the sight of what was happening. 

Child (shouting with excitement): "Mom!  They caught some bad guys!!!"

Trini was especially hurt to hear those words!  Was that really all she was to this strange new world?  Even more painfully...she couldn't argue!  She was on HanomCorp property without an invitation.  She had hopped a fence.  She was in possession of a trinket she couldn't even properly explain!  From all accounts of that world's limited understanding of things, she was guilty. 

Winston: "It's looking like you two could be locked away for up to 8 years if found guilty of everything!"

Her heart sank even more!  How could they be so inhospitable to a lost young woman?  Was she really about to lose 8 years of her life over something this stupid?  They couldn't even prove she'd hurt anything or anyone...apart from the Putties and Treaders!  But since when did Bozeman police assert either of those hideous creatures to have rights?  And if they did, then she could be facing multiple assault charges and be locked up even longer!

Anger, guilt, and confusion filled inside her, until she could barely hold back the tears.

Zack: "We have a right to a lawyer, Trini!  They'll have to honor that!"

Winston: "Assuming you still qualify as Americans, yes!  But...since there is no Angel Grove, we're gonna have a hard time placing you two.  Hell, Gitmo could be in your futures!"

Harrison: "Enough, Winston!  You're making the girl cry!  The judge will figure this out!"
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