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Awfully convenient, that was

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No sooner did Hanom press his MODM distress button, than the Wonka-esque hero sprang to work developing communications between three universes at once!  This was video conferencing done to the extreme! 

Alpha: "Ai yi yi!  There's a strange man on the viewing globe in another dimension!"

Kayla: "It's Dr. Hanom!  Hi, boss!"

Hanom: "Hi, Kayla."

Vinny: "Good to know you're still out there.  But I think right now, you should talk to the floating head in the background."

Hanom: "I'm sure we all have a lot of questions as to what happened.  I'll let you go first."

Zordon: "We've lost Zack, Trini, and Jason in your world.  I in particular demand answers."

Hanom: "I've lost Vinny and Kayla in yours.  But apparently, you already know that.  I think when King Gwirmalesh had Slaisionnach activate that device of mine that he stole at that time, he did so without proper safety protocols.  It cause another disturbance in the Percolation Wave, resulting in my knight and guard swapping places with three of your Rangers.  However, my samurai is telling me that Slaisionnach also vanished.  Gwirmalesh doesn't seem to know what happened to him either."

Billy: "Is it possible that Slaisionnach is now the reason the Percolation Wave can't correct itself?"

Zordon: "Very likely so, Billy.  But if that world's monsters are as tough as its defenders, Slasionnach will be too much for you to defeat if he teams up with Rita."

MODM: "Not necessarily!"

Zordon: "Who is this?"

Hanom: "Meet the Master of Outer Dark Matter!  I'll let MODM speak for himself."

MODM: "Ah yes!  See...I was one of the first to be caught in the Wave.  And I'm its biggest frequent flyer.  It's all really quite complicated and all; but I think you are right that killing Slaisionnach is the key to fixing what went wrong.  And destroying Hanom's machine is step 2."

Hanom: "If Masato can get it back from Gwirmalesh.  Which, given that destabilization and destruction of universes means less for his Gwirdon species to rule over, he may be willing to consider a truce.  This one time."

Vinny: "Careful.  He will double-cross you the first chance he gets."

Hanom: "Jason nearly died by Slaisionnach's hand.  Brave soul.  But he started getting weaker very quickly in that fight."

MODM: "Abdygalan Specifics!"

Zordon and Hanom: "What?"

MODM: "In my world, it's the Abdygalis ruptured to form the Percolation Wave and the XomiaFaeCore!  In Hanom's world, Floaty, it became the EccentriaCore and the Tapestry!  In your world, it became...er..."

Alpha: "The Morphing Grid?"

MODM: "EXACTLY!  And the three similar forces all have the ability to become substitutes for each other...more or less.  But something not native to a particular flavor is going to be weaker over time than if it is directly wiring to its native flavor."

Zordon: "I'm not sure I understand."

MODM: "It's simple, really!  When I rescued Candace, her powers as the Lemon Witch were gradually getting weaker in the world of Teen in Terror Life.  In time, Vinny will be as weak as your Rangers.  Your Rangers will be almost powerless in Vinny's world, eventually.  Only plus side is...Slaisionnach will get weaker too!"

Tommy: "Then he'll have no choice but to work for Rita!  Aw man, that IS bad news!"

Kayla: "At least that way, if Rita does put a spell on Vinny, he'll be no more threat than a Ranger gone bad.  So he can help on the next battle.  I'll stay in here.  I'd only be a liability in Angel Grove, at the moment."

Zordon: "Volkonir...you are admirable in your willingness to engage in a fight that is not your own.  We will do all in our power to make this like it never happened."

Vinny: "Thanks.  Kayla deserves some credit too.  She's given me hope even when I was feeling down about past failures."

Zordon: "Indeed.  You two are honorary Rangers."

Kim: "Problem is...that means three Rangers and one Knight.  And if Rita is propping up Slaisionnach and we're down a few Zords and numbers, what'll we do?"

MODM: "No worries, Pinky!  Leave that to me and Hanom!  I can bring a handful of others besides myself to your world...with a little help from a certain Jenny Jane I know over at Camelorum Correctional."

Zordon: "Whatever you intend on doing, MODM, do it quickly.  We are running out of time."

MODM: "Over and out!  You're gonna love this!"
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