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Scene from: "Ciem: Ash Cloud"
Made with: "The Sims 3: Into the Future"


The year is 2016.  It is Earth-G7.  Korsicht's raid has made it's way to Madison, and the prison has been infiltrated.  Rappaccini wanted to demoralize the Midwest most of all in an effort to implement his vision for a new world order, and decided his best bet was to use Marlquaanite rubies to empower his minions to completely crush the citizenry - before the military even had a chance to get off the ground!  In the state of Indiana, Korsicht was ordered to not only send his Screwworm troops to destroy schools and break dangerous felons out of prison - but to kill as many children as possible. 

In the north, he tried what he figured would test the competence of fathers at defending their homesteads, destroying western patriarchal models.  In the south, where that had already mostly destroyed itself via drugs, he decided an even more gut-punching measure was necessary: slaughter of the children who had no father.  Make the mothers cry!  And where did Korsicht's interests both in felons unleashing chaos and in the psychology of children good and bad fuse?  Female juvenile inmates! 

So to satisfy both his diabolical obsessions, Korsicht knew there was only one place for him to hit up: the Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility!  News blips suggested one of the Flippo triplets was incarcerated there as of late 2015, so the Hebbleskins that were allied with the Icy Finger would definitely want him to do something about the Gifted Flippo!

It wasn't enough, as his conquest of Cincinnati (the ravaging by other Screwworms of which served as a smokescreen to keep other heroes out of Indiana) grew closer, to simply send Screwworm kill squads.  He needed his victims to die in absolute terror!


Enter the Anito Squad: Blackmailed / brainwashed / abducted Filipina prostitutes and porn stars transformed by black magic and Marlquaan rubies into wraith-zombie-like near-mindless warriors inspired by Pinoy mythology!

Their mere presence can inflict migraines in their victims, as well as blurred vision and a quick death by being torn apart or tossed into things!  Their banshee-like screams, stemming from the tortured souls trapped inside these physical demonic manifestations, only made them that much more horrifying!  Hard to injure, they're not impossible to kill.  But with so many abducted porn stars and prostitutes being turned into these things, there's no shortage of them!

When Candi "Ciem" Flippo, an inmate at Madison who took the fall to protect her godfather from government persecution, proves she can fight back; Korsicht abducts the superintendent and issues Candi a test of loyalty: a game of cat-and-mouse that will take her straight into the war zone Cincinnati is reduced to!

Candi would rather be a hero than a killer; and make the most of her furlough to save the warden.  But she may have to kill hundreds more of these things to save those she loves!  The horror to her: knowing that the women inside these monsters never asked to have their bodies used for THIS specific purpose, but that the only way to set them free might be to kill them - like rabid dogs!

Candi made it clear that regardless of Darius' wishes for her to be a coldhearted and SCALLOP-loyal black ops hitwoman, she will only kill when she sees no other way.  That includes bringing Korsicht in alive if possible - though her desire to kill him and make Darius happy has become readily apparent!  Not every girl in that jail deserved to die at the hands of the Anitos.  Paul "Goatgruff" Driveway was a corrections officer and a good guy.  He didn't really deserve to die that horribly either!  Candi wanted to have her freedom back, sure; but she made FRIENDS inside that jail!  Both officers and inmates met a horrible fate that afternoon!

And now, those friends will never get another chance to redeem themselves in society!  Korsicht made this personal, on more levels than Candi dared to count!  Still...she had a grudging respect for his curiosity, his eagerness to learn.  His creativity with her.  It set him apart from all the hordes of mindless killers with suicide vests that she'd battled before.  This monster...would be a special assignment!  He still had a soul - twisted though it may be!

Candi knew going after Korsicht wouldn't be easy: there'd be monsters, supervillains, Screwworm terrorists, standard riffraff, and Anitos a-plenty ravaging Cincinnati!  Other heroes overwhelmed by the hordes would only serve to faster destroy the very city they were trying to save! 

This mission would decide what Ciem really was: a political prisoner with a fancy suit, a killer just following orders, or a genuine heroine.  Proving herself the last one on the list would be very difficult with a S'Poling tether on her right ankle and only a limited supply of Zeran accessories to power her suit.  But it had to be done!  She anticipated sore legs from all the Anitos she'd have to kick in half!  These screaming Filipina hellions were not gonna make things easy for anyone!
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