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An appalled Gwirdon King

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Gwirmalesh: "No!  What went wrong!?!?!?  Hiktomoph!  I demand to know the reason for this!!!"

The latest monster, Slaisionnach, was to capture a device that Gwirmalesh had wanted to steal from HanomCorp for the longest time: the CosmastiScanner!  Set to be purchased by NASA, this device could detect energy signals of life not just on other planets, but in other universes!  Ruling the Big Three would require Gwirmalesh to first get his hands on this thing, and then to use it to access the Percolation Wave to conquer the main Dromedeverse: home to many pocket dimensions as well!

However, the Throatslasher Extraordinaire panicked when HanomCorp R&D Security guards Vinny Mason and Kayla Tarington arrived on the scene.  To make matters even more irritating, they were being followed by a guest that was over: Masato Yoneda from Sorisenshi!

Gwirmalesh himself came out of his hiding place to oversee that Slaisionnach didn't mess this one up - along with his general Hiktomoph.  Several Treaders also came out to battle.  Kayla handled the Treaders on her own, while Vinny and Masato turned into the Golden Lion Knight and Spectral Hare Samurai to take on Slaisionnach and Hiktomoph.  An impatient Hiktomoph tried to activate the machine as the knight and samurai battled the latest monster.  However, none of them anticipated that the Percolation Wave would intercept at that exact moment!

Before Gwirmalesh even knew what had happened, many of his Treaders vanished into thin air!  They were replaced with clay creatures that ambled about, confused more than anything.

Masato got out of the way of the resulting energy blast, as the machine was damaged and Hiktomoph frantically turned it off and ran with it.  Volkonir and Kayla, however, went missing!  In their place were three complete strangers, dressed like they were from a different time.

Everyone scattered, but Masato gave pursuit of Slaisionnach.  After all: Slaisionnach's mere name sounded far too much like Seirsionnach, the monster Gwirmalesh had unleashed on Japan a short time before!  It would not be long before Masato would have to return to defend Tokyo.  However, he figured helping Volkonir take out the trash in Montana while he had a chance was well worth it.

The three new visitors found themselves wandering around the off-limits-to-the-public grounds of HanomCorp being just as confused as everyone else.
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