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A very MODM strategy meeting

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Scene from: "Volkonir Meets the Power Rangers"
Made with: "The Sims 4"

Featuring: A cameo by MODM from Camelorum Adventures, based on The Tale of Emily Barnes and the Two Jens by :iconprodigal-gamer:


The CD player suddenly started playing in Hanom's R&D underground facility's basement.  A flash of lighting could be heard, as a CD Hanom didn't remember putting in started playing a clean version of "High School Dance" by the Mighty Mighty BossTones. 

Hanom: "MODM."

MODM: "Right here, Doc!"

Hanom: "At least you know how to make an entrance.  So what's your plan?  Carlos is keeping watch over Jason.  I'm gonna try to bail pay Zack and Trini out of jail.  Masato's gonna try to negotiate for a temporary truce with Gwirmalesh to get the machine back.  The still-operational Rangers and Volkonir are looking for a way to kill Slaisionnach, in case we can't get Gwirmalesh or the machine to cooperate.  You might be able to help with that final part.  Also, reports are that Trini is inconsolable.  I don't want to return her to Zordon too far into clinical depression to function."

MODM: "I can cheer her up, and help the Rangers and your friend!  I'll even do it for free!  It'll be fun!"

Hanom: "Care to tell me your plan?"

MODM: "I'll get back to you on that.  Just be ready to call up a lawyer for them.  I don't think they're gonna give those two up, even if you get most of the charges dropped."

Hanom: "Good point."

MODM: "And don't lose sleep over this if you can't bail them out.  Leave that to me too."

Hanom had faith MODM could pull it off...but still didn't understand why MODM insisted on wearing that ridiculous Wonka costume.


NOTE: This is MODM's visual debut.
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Oh, you do 3d animation. 

   I've taken classes that use Maya and LightWave. 

 I started out with LightWave and I prefer it. 

  Friends of mine use the more basic and user friendly 'Poser' - but other friends use Blender because it is open source and free. 

    My lightWave cost me about $1,200 as I recall.  For Maya, the instructor gave us a Website where you can download it for free for two years if and only if you are a student with a college email address. 

   Maya is user friendly - and has many tutorials, but I still like LightWave best.   

  I use it for graphics more than animation now.  One class was in engineering drawing and they used it to create views from different angles of of machine-like parts.  

   It beats the old pencils,  t-square and set squares when it comes to saving time, etc. 

     What software do you use? 
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Sims 4.  But with a lot of mods; and then I use Photoshop to paint in effects and add filters to make the lighting slightly more realistic.

The biggest issues I have are with meshing and poses.  I can't make my own meshes, and there are never enough poses that are useful.  I also don't know how to script my own poses.

For some scenes that are impossible in 4, I use a heavily modified Sims 3.
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     I was fortunate enough to get a number of college course that covered somewhat advanced 3d graphics and I spent a lot of time with Maya and LightWave. 

  Those software programs, while having a very, very high learning curve, allow for a lot of freedom of creation.  

     You really need to take classes in it with a good instructor to follow them - but I suppose a motivated person can make great progress with them. \

                                                          In other words, "Them polygrams and nurbs ain't easy!" -- LOL  

  I know what you are talking about.  Funny, that at comicon panels, when asking particular questions about software,  how the person running the panel takes a moment or two to explain that it is technical and it is understandable if others who are not acquainted with the software are not following the conversation. 
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If I could afford such a class, I'd take it.  However, last time I tried, I didn't meet the pre-reqs.  I can't draw the human figure in conte crayon on 18" sketch paper with any anatomical accuracy.  So they wouldn't let me learn 3D software.
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   I never enjoyed the life drawing classes.  I liked drawing small studies from anatomy books, but I didn't like to draw in charcoal or conte crayon on the 18 inch sketch paper either.   

   Did you quit the class?  I ask that because it has been my experience with college art classes that if you simply attend class and give it a try - ie. fill the paper with more or less outlines of a figure -  the instructors I ran into would give you at least a "B" or at worse, a "C".  

    I actually wasn't too bad at that sort of drawing even if it wasn't my favorite.

  Colleges and instructors have different grading systems - where did you go to college?  Did you finish the class or drop out?  I'm involved in education and it is useful to me to learn what other institutions are doing. 

   By the way, when I earned my first college degree, it was in the 1970's and there was no computer art.  I returned to school and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor in Applied Science in digital media management.  That is where I learned computer graphics and animation.  

    I don't want to get too involved in partisan politics when talking about art , but I realize that it was thanks to grants the Democrats voted for that I was able to return to school and I also realize that the Republicans stay up day and night to ruthlessly cut these programs.  Trust me on this, I know this for sure.   

  OK - so the grant cost $50,000 to pay for the education -- but that is a drop in the bucket compared the the billion dollars a day the worthless war in Iraq cost.  Also, I don't believe Bush W ever believed that Saddam would be chucking nuclear bombs at us or that Iraq was responsible for 9=11.

 - And we must not forget the Wall Street bailouts.   It looks like the regulations that where put in place to prevent the 'melt down' are being repealed. 

  Get ready for another even worse 'Great Recession'.  Republicans since Herbert Hoover have brought on economic depressions and recessions - but not everyone is hurt by depressions - the rich get even richer as happened during the the 1929 Great Depression that my parents suffered through. 

        You might hear some revisionist history, but the general wisdom is the version of events I summarized.   Radio talk show hosts and Fox News has a real interest in enriching the 1% while impoverishing the rest of Americans.  No lie, no fake conspiracy, no demagoguery is too great for their aim of more and more and more as they impoverish everyone else. 

       The 1% are appear so greedy, they would enslave us into working for poverty wages - If you ever worked for a corporation - especially the sweat shops that used to exist in NYC and now in Asia, you will find they are a danger to our freedom.   When forced into the "Hunger Games", we are not free. 


   The KKK rejoiced when he won.  I also went to a Pro-Trump rally and videoed the biker gangs with side arms.  There was also a bunch of nut cases all dressed up in military gear and assault rifles.  I asked the Highway Patrol who was guarding the pro-Trump rally at the state capital building. 

        The news paper and the Highway Patrol men who were also at the rally in force, said that they were a private group and not an official militia in any way.  Trump attracts nuts - but that isn't the problem with him - he sets the tone of bigotry and division.   Also, he is cutting important programs.  

      Every regulation is covered in blood, and he would cut it.  Cutting taxes for the rich and cutting back on programs and regulations was tried by Bush W. and it lead to the Great Recession which, if you asked me, the country hasn't recovered from yet.  

         But so much for politics.   

        For inexpensive 3d software, try the open source "Blender" - and there are many tutorials on line.  

                              Most of my work that isn't traditional art is done in Adobe Photoshop.  Do you use the program?  

       I have the Adobe Creative Suite CS 5 -- but Adobe Photoshop 7, and older program, would actually work just fine. 

   Adobe has advanced to a monthly subscription - but I am happy owning the older software and owning the licence as they did in the old days. 




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The KKK is essentially dead.  Those were cosplaying Democrats trying to frame a narrative for the camera.  They were bitter that Trump switched parties, and furious that he called out Hillary for high treason.  So they launched a relentless smear campaign.  I voted for Darrell Castle, because I don't want either DNC or GOP flavors of socialism.  Socialism is intrinsically and inherently doomed to failure, no matter what factions adopts it.  I've seen partisan compromisers on both sides lose all sense of taste and class just to serve their party, and become all of them losers.

To the point: I went to Lansing Community College.  I strived hard to get a decent grade.  But I got a D+ in figure drawing both times I took it.   The second time, the teacher said: "Bottom line, you can't draw."

Frustrated, I switched to programming.  But VB.NET was hopelessly confusing and poorly taught, and I had to drop out of that class.

I transferred to Ferris, and got a TV production degree instead.  Almost always excelled at the writing-related projects, but audio was always my Achilles heel.  Either I couldn't discern levels right, or tonal tweaks, or the equipment would suddenly have a general failure right when I most needed it to work.  And it was always somehow my fault that the only microphone that the school would let me use was the one that didn't work.

Video projects were Hell, because no one wanted to be in my projects.  They all treated me like a porn director, even when what I was filming was more like Kamen Rider.  And if any gal did agree to go on camera, she usually insulted me by asking how soon she'd have to take her clothes off.  How do you get anything done in such a sex obsessed culture?

When all human volunteers failed, I made puppet shows.  One gal even offered to help me with a comic book, only to renege.  She even went so far as to threaten me with a restraining order, all because I couldn't help her in chemistry class!  Psycho bitch!

And while I was trying to develop a professional work ethic, I had to constantly deal with roadblocks caused by my peers.  Whiny, faithless, useless, hedonistic, drunkards, horny, and treacherous.  I got my degree and got out of there fast.  Good riddance too.  The dorms looked like jail cells, as if the cultural climate weren't depressing enough.

I probably spent more time troubleshooting equipment than actually creating anything.  And one time, some idiot set the second floor on fire.  I nearly lost everything.
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  Do you really believe that about the KKK?  Trust me, they are alive and well.  Interestingly enough, many are retired airforce veterans. 

   I've seen Interviews. 

      Is this information coming Alex Jones? 

  Once there was a statement that there is no Mafia -and Italian organized crime was simply an ethnic smear. 

  So, you really believe that the KKK is a bunch of Democrates dressed up to create disinformation?   

   Where do you live?  I live in the South West and I also know about the South East.  You can actually meet KKK members and if you want and if your back ground is right - you could join them.

   About a year ago, they had a picnic and gathering at a desert mountain park near Phoenix.   It was no cosplay, but a serious bunch. 

  Who has been lying to you?  

 I'll comment on other topics you brought up in later posts.  I have to get to an evening event now. 
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I know that the Aryans are alive and well.  But nobody respects them where I live.  I'm from Michigan.  "KKK" is often graffitied by black pranksters in bathroom stalls, just to get a rise out of other blacks in the Detroit area.  Stupid kids keeping stupid things alive just to be annoying to as many as possible.

And the DNC created the KKK, so I wouldn't be at all surprised.  After all, CNN was caught red-handed staging "news" stories in Syria specifically to convince Trump that bombing that airbase was necessary - so they can make him look bad the second he did it.  I suspected all along with was a false flag, and not actually Assad.  But Assad stands between the NWO and what they want, so they need to make him out to be a complete monster.  And he's hated enough in his own right, so he's a perfect scapegoat.

Actually, I don't pay much attention to Alex Jones.  No need to.  Crazier things than him have already been confirmed.  And as far as InfoWars goes, Paul Joseph Watson is more on top of things and coherent.  My family originates from a very traditional Lutheran sect that started in the Bay City area around 1911.  My great-great grandparents moved there from Serbia (German ex-pats), because they were convinced Kaiser Wilhelm's arrogance was going to start a war.  They hated being right, especially since they were ridiculed for predicting one.  And then..WWI happened.  They didn't exactly get the apology they wanted either, but kept going.  Since then, it's been a thing in my family: seeing writing on the wall, getting mocked for seeing it, and then something even crazier happens for real sooner than predicted, and no apology.

It kinda sucks feeling like Jor-El every single time.  But that's life.
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