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A Centipede Returns to the Spiderverse Wallpaper

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Character  Spider-ManCharacter  CiemCharacter  Spider GwenLocation  New York City, Manhattan
Made with: The Sims 4 (plus some DuckDuckGo image search results)

Morlun has made his way to more parts of the Spiderverse, and it seems like nothing can stop him. Spider-Totems can stop him, that is!  As Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter, Miles, Peni, and Gwen found themselves getting their tails kicked, things seemed hopeless.

Then...some things happened that were...unexpected.  The Percolation Wave happened. 

Franco and Candi had no idea where they were.  But they immediately found Morlun trying to drain them as well! 

Yet, that's when the tables turned quickly!  Franco was simply immune to all of Morlun's attacks, and even summoned penguins to attack him!  Candi...was undrainable, because she wasn't a spider totem!  Candi got her powers from her father, who was fused with a garden stone centipede - by aliens!  Worse: Candi's dimension is intangible with Morlun's native dimension!  Therefore, he can't touch her, and she can't touch him! 

Yet, she is able to get around this by augmenting improvised weaponry from the other Spider worlds!  As her husband, Donte "Emeraldon" McArthur gets involved as well, the Spiders now have a fighting chance for survival.  When White Chest Spider, Spider Noir, MCU Spidey, Raimiverse Spidey, Kid Arachnid, Sp//dr, Spider-Ham, and Ghost-Spider aren't enough?  Just call Ciem, Italian Spiderman, and Emeraldon (not pictured)!

This isn't Candi's first time visiting the Spiderverse; but she's ready to save it, if only to get back to Earth-G7.2.1!  Morlun ate spiders all day.  But he would rue the day he crossed paths with one that could summon penguins!  He would also rue the day he picked a fight with a centipede!
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