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A Centipede Lost in the Spiderverse

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Scene a re-imagining of: "Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse" mixed with Crossover Gerosha during the Sodality: Instigation timeline.

Made with: "The Sims 4: Get Famous"

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As Candi suddenly looked around, she saw herself in a world that appeared to be merging with other worlds...yet none of them were hers.  The new faces - save for two in the room - began glitching various rainbow colors, in pain, but then returned to "normal."  A bright yellow light behind her vanished.

Ciem: "Blasted Percolation Wave!  Well...I'm officially in the wrong universe - again!  Whoever you guys are, I may as well lend 12 hands."

Spider-Ham: "Oh!  Oh!  Can you guys believe it!  A CENTIPEDE just crawled through the void!"

Peni: "Konichiwa!"

Spider-Noir: "She looks dark, and tortured from the pain of war.  I'm starting to like her already."

Gwen: "Well, guess this won't be a sausage party after all."

Miles: "Woah...I thought this was a spider convention...we're taking in centipedes now?"

Ciem: "Can beggars be choosers?"

Peni: "Yay!  A centipede!  What all can it do?"

Ciem (finally demasking to reveal Candi): "I'm getting this...very sudden urge to explain who I am in a very expository dialog way, so...what the heck?"

Peter: "Oh boy!"

Candi: "Fair enough this may be the first time I do this for some of you.  Candi Flippo's the name.  My dad was infused with a Michigan stone centipede via the Phexo Centhuen Prototype program put forward by the Phaelite Society of Earth.  I and my sisters all inherited the genes, but I'm the only one that manifested, because I got attacked in the shower by a creep who later became a vampire, and my rage somehow triggered the powers to activate.

I beat up some school bullies, beat up some petty criminals, my godfather trained me to fight terrorists, I put hundreds of them in the hospital, got a boyfriend in high school, fell madly in lust, lived to regret it, lost him, miscarried, fought a lava tiger, made life rough for a human trafficking ring, saved the world from two maniacs with jetpacks, one of whom destroyed two cities, fought a Quoll, almost thwarted the detonation of Yellowstone, my civilian identity got on a government watchlist because of an insane new law and because my half-brother in the government was a corrupt jackass, they threatened my Japanese godfather by saying he couldn't get a green card, and blackmailed me that way.  I went to juvie for two years in order to protect him, I got out, ISIS came back from the dead and destroyed 1/4 of America, I got a new boyfriend, and now I'm moving to Texas to collect $3M and start life over.  And I'm gonna do what I can to protect Texas so it doesn't become just like Indiana in my world."

Peter: "I feel like there's a Smash Mouth song lyric in there somewhere."

Candi: "I was just about to say that!"

Spider-Noir: "I like her even more now.  A pity she's taken."

Miles: "Uh...Candi, yo!  What can you do?"

Candi: "I have 10 centileg stingers across my body.  I heal quickly, dodge things quickly, am a bit stronger than I have any right to be, I tend to snap joints and crush ribs on my opponents, my stings hurt like bee stings, I have dart shooters that are glorified centipede venom-marinated staple guns, I have Zeran teleporters, and centuition to both hunt and sense incoming trouble.  I hear a phantom scream when there's an incoming projectile.  Problem is, my Z-Tels are battery-powered.  So I have to use them wisely.  Even though they're very durable non-standard batteries with Marlquaanite ruby links, they do still require an occasional wall outlet recharge.  So...they always eventually run out of juice.  I have Zeran wardrobes too, but I don't think I'll need those here.  We good to go?"

Gwen: "How hard can you sting?"

Candi: "Depending on the target, 10 to 50 stings will cause temporary paralysis.  Centipedes tear things apart after wrapping around them.  I'm at best only 5% of a true Centhuen's potential, but you'd be amazed how far you can get on 5%.  Say...are you Gwen Indot from Camelorum?"

Gwen: "What?  No!  Gwen Stacy!"

Candi: "Crap!  I know way too many blondes named Gwen!"

Miles: "Like Gwen Stefani?"

Candi: "Aw, heck no!"

Peter: "Yes, but can you attach a gruber to a ceiling?"

Candi: "If I can locate the extra-stick pads to attach to my gloves.  Might need a Z-Ward after all..."

Peter: "Wait...what you're saying is..."

Spider-Ham: "She's saying, she can't stick to walls like us!"

Miles: "But centipedes climb walls all the time!"

Candi: "5%."

Miles: "Right."

Spider-Noir: "So she can't climb walls, can't shoot webs, but can kick a tush all day?"

Candi: "What Dick Tracy said."

Gwen: "She'll probably be good ground support, if nothing else.  Unless that Portal gun on your wrist is up to more."

Spider-Ham: "I....LIKE IT!  I...have a mallet, if you need more arsenal."

Candi: "Um....thanks?"

May: " may be a very different yet similar heroine on a different yet similar path; but I have faith you'll be a great asset to the team.  And we'll send you back to your dimension too."

Candi: "Only if whatever you're doing can affect the Percolation Wave.  If not, I'll just have to wait for the timer to reset, and hope MODM or Carly don't mess things up worse.  Or that weird Volkonir guy."

Peter: "You'll need all the brutality you can muster against Kingpin! Just...don't kill him, or break his ribs, or his neck, okay?"

Candi: "When in Rome! this Victor Nanale we're talking about, or Clyde Spendelworth?  I know the latter's gunning for me, after I put his top trafficker in jail."

Miles: "Fisk is WAY worse than just some pimp on 'roids!"

Candi: "How much worse?  Arfaas worse?  Rappaccini worse?  What level of goons are protecting him?  Another Drop-In, or are we talking Don the Psycho-grade?  Or Wishpon grade?"

Peter: "He already killed another version of me with his bare fists."

Candi: "Eqquibus bad.  Got it.  Should've called the Gray Champion for backup.  Whatever."

Peter: "Okay team, let's focus!  Miles, we gotta get you up to speed!"
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