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5 hours earlier...

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As Masato and Carlos were tending to Jason, Zack and Trini went around in search of more Putties and Gwirdon Treaders.  Little did they realize that, after de-morphing, a security camera or two on HanomCorp grounds captured footage of them!

Zack: "It looks like all the Putties are gone!  And I can't see what happened to those other creeps."

Trini: "Me neither!  But it bothers me that we haven't heard anything from Jason."

Zack: "This whole place bothers me!  I feel like Big Brother is watching us here.  Like this is some sort of mountain dystopia."

Trini: "In that case, we'd better be careful how we approach those grounds where we appeared.  I didn't take the time to read the sign on that one fence, but I'm pretty sure we're not welcome here."
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