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Ciem Inferno Book Cover by BulldozerIvan, visual art

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Ciem-Mixamo by BulldozerIvan, visual art

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A Centipede Returns to the Spiderverse by BulldozerIvan, visual art

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My Bio
I am the founder and operator of Dozerfleet Productions. The artwork I submit here is conceptual artwork I've made for various franchises I am developing on my own.

By submitting it here, I hope to make looking inside my work more accessible to an artistic-minded community, and collect the feedback to improve ideas before I attempt to take them to market.

I'm also looking to add artists to the brand, until I can one day make Dozerfleet a comics imprint on par with Dark Horse or Image.

Current Residence
Lansing, MI

Favorite genres of music
Epic, Indie, Alt-Rock

Favorite styles of art
Production Still Photography, Machinomics

Operating System
Windows 10

Active projects
Cherinob, Camelorum Adventures (with Prodigal-Gamer and a few others), Volkonir, The Bison, Q-Basic Gorillas (fanfic), Ciem: Inferno.

Favourite Movies
Underworld, Inception, Luther, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Sharknado series, MCU, Big Hero 6
Favourite TV Shows
Agents of SHIELD, iZombie
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Mighty Mighty BossTones, Within Temptation, The Legion of Doom, Two Steps From Hell, Axl Rosenberg, Audio Machine
Favourite Books
Ancient Rome: How it Affects You Today
Favourite Writers
Richard J. Maybury, Tim Kring, Judith Reisman
Favourite Games
The Sims franchise (PC), The Godfather (PS2), Ghost Recon (PS2), Medal of Honor: Frontline (PS2), Iron Man 3 (Kindle), Battleship (tabletop)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
The Sims 3 and 4, camera, studio gray paper, Photoshop, Wikia, Firefox, VWD Express 2010, YouTube, Premiere, Microsoft Office, 3D glasses, MakeHuman
Other Interests
TV series development, Social issues / the Culture War
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So I discovered something weird today. Apparently, the Abductor Goose in Camelorum Adventures (which is implied to be Mother Goose come to life via Carly or similar means, similarly to how the Cheshire Pig comes to life; a goose that is obsessed with stalking Tina Barina because she swallowed a fly while being arrested) is not the first time that such a terrifying bird-like kaiju has ever been envisioned. It turns out, the ancient Arabs had their own version of Abductor Goose. Only, this kaiju didn't resemble a Canadian Goose of Unusual Size. The Longneck, or "Al Anqa'a," is a phoenix-like monster that is of supernatural origin, and pulls similar shenanigans to Abductor Goose. The book Marvels of Things Created and Miraculous Aspects of Things Existing, which some might crudely compare to being the ancient Arab version of an SCP catalog (or even more crudely to a Pokedex,) contains this and at least one other, similar bird-like creature.
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Warning: This is bound to make someone's blood boil; but it needs to be said. Shaun King, in his recent tweet, made a complete and absolute fool of himself. Let's count the ways: ===================== - 1. Almost everyone who pays attention knows that the modern image of Jesus is based on a series of ignorant re-imaginings by Europeans of artwork that in-turn, took inspiration from Coptic artworks of old. (Works that ISIS went to town to destroy, BTW.) Alexandre Dumas popularized a rumor that the most common art depiction, based on work by Leonardo DaVinci, was inspired by Leo's friend Cesare Bolgia. However, the evidence is scant to substantiate the claim. Regardless, the rumor has remained to this day. In fact, it is steadfastly assumed in most modern American churches, especially in the south. Rumors that Leo and Bolgia were gay also led to speakers at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival in January of 2009 declaring that most of the "overrated"
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Thank you for the fav :)
-STEVE- by Mad42Sam
Thanks for the fave! A likeness to your Tabitha Pang, huh? I think my kid's gonna like that when I tell her--especially what appears to be a few similarities.

She's not as old as your character, but combat-wise is a student of Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun (she's small but her front-thrust kicks make her Sifu nervous enough to brace for impact).  She's not a Traceuse but has trained in gymnastics and expressed an interest in parkour so we'll see what the future holds.
Tabby doesn't know kung fu per se.  She improvises like MacGuyver.

She was instructed a little in martial arts by her mother and some friends, but never went beyond a yellow or red belt in karate.  She's no black belt. 

Tabby's idol, Candi Flippo / Ciem, was predestined by a genetic experiment on her father to have centipede-themed abilities, making her pretty much an analog of Spider-Girl.  Candi was also trained in martial arts, and used her centipede abilities to advance herself intuitively.  So Candi is like Spider-Girl with a bit of Black Widow in terms of fighting style.  Tabby has nowhere near that skill level with martial arts per se.  She's an intuitive fighter, and can improvise well, but is not a professionally trained nor a particularly disciplined martial artist. 

She has learned from watching Ciem fight as well, and has learned a lot of life facts from her mother and from the Gray Champion.  Other than that, whatever else Tabby learned, she learned on the streets as she went along with Sarah as a tutor.  That, or she learned it at Mansfield Juvenile Treatment Center from the other inmates she was with. 

Candi had been to Madison Juvenile in Indiana 11 years prior to Tabby being sent to Mansfield in late 2026.  Candi taught Tabby prison slang, just in case the government ever betrayed the Sodality Church / Sodality of Gerosha which both girls had become a part of by 2021.  (Which, the government eventually did betray them, after Rappaccini's plants started getting their way.) 

So other than what she learned from a handful of superheroes, none of which truly committed themselves to teaching her, Tabby acquired most of her skills in prison.  Tabby often proved the wiser tactician of the two girls, and the better negotiator, and to have better morals.  Sarah, however, was the expert on how stuff worked.  Occasionally, the girls would teach another inmate some of their knowledge, and would be taught skills in return.  Behind the staff's back, they made it "MacGuyver School."

Tabby and your gal sound like they could, under the right circumstances, be dangerous to each other.  If the girls ever teamed up, they'd pose an even greater danger to the Chrome Kite and Icy Finger than either alone. 

Tabby only accepted the offer to take away Marge's power and distribute it amongst her friends for one reason: because it would be them and their courier / spy ops versus an entire cabal of baddies that had exiled the legitimate government and taken over the state - a cabal of supervillains that had its own army to send after Tabby and her friends.  And even if they didn't face the newest incarnation of Stagtar or Microwave Mouth that week, it didn't matter: helicopters and bullets are not funny.  And even if the police chief sympathizes with you, he still has orders to shoot on sight.

In other words, she only got superpowers because she can't afford to go down from a single bullet.  She needs to be tougher.  Otherwise, she would not have even agreed to have powers.  It violates the code of the Keepers of Hester's Locket, a code which warns against using Marlquaanite rubies and bonds for personal gain.
Hey dude! :iconsecrethandshakeplz2: Just stopping by to say "hello!"
Thanks for stopping by.  How go things?  I'm currently working on the actors' articles for the official Emo Rangers Wiki.  I put in a request with Wikia to officially adopt it, which would make maintaining it my official second wiki project.  (And one I could add to my resume for volunteer work, as the other one is about my brand and therefore wouldn't count.)

Just got done with watching the latest Paul Joseph Watson video about the elections in the UK.  It makes me wonder, based on how the protestors are acting, what exactly got into their drinking water.  You can watch for yourself here:

It's been a HUGE year of adjustment for me, since I moved, but it's getting better :nod:

And LOL!!! I LOVE "Paul Joseph Watson". I'm a HUGE fan!!! as well as "Blaire White, and "Gavin McInnes" :iconbadassplz:
This could be a huge year of adjustment for me too.  I'm looking for another job, and will be doing a lot more of that very soon.  I might have to move out of my area.  But where to next?  I haven't the foggiest clue.  I only know I can't stay where I'm at much longer.  The job doesn't pay that well, and my family's decisions are as much a hindrance to my life progress as they are a help.
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