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Power Rangers RPM 10th Anniversary Poster (FAKE) by AkiraTheFighter24 Power Rangers RPM 10th Anniversary Poster (FAKE) :iconakirathefighter24:AkiraTheFighter24 18 8
Mature content
The Pickle Jar, Pt. 13: Mickey's Cellie :iconprodigal-gamer:prodigal-gamer 2 1
The Pickle Jar, Pt. 12: Mickey's Anger Gets Manage
Even tainted by worries of being beaten, stabbed, and killed, Mickey’s time out on the yard, with her new friends, ended too quickly. Before long, she found herself back in Green Block, lining up for specialized classes. Despite having mostly made it through a day that had felt like a week, it was only Monday; and, for Mickey, Monday meant Anger Management.
Mickey was pleasantly unsurprised to discover that Keisha would be joining her in Anger Management. She was less pleased, but similarly unsurprised, when Birbiglia joined the line-up. “I didn’t take you for the angry type, Mouse,” Birbiglia smirked, as she made her way toward the front of the line.
“You’re picking up nicknames everywhere you go, Mouse,” Keisha whispered.
“Shut up, Curly Sue. You’re not making my first day in jail any better.”
“Hey, it’s my first day too.”
The prisoners’ banter was interrupted by the arrival of an officer Mickey hadn&
:iconprodigal-gamer:prodigal-gamer 2 1
Into the Spiderverse by SteveChopz Into the Spiderverse :iconstevechopz:SteveChopz 225 6 Human Centipede by JHKris Human Centipede :iconjhkris:JHKris 29 7
Dream Journal
Last night, I had a strange dream. I laid in bed for some time after I woke thinking about it. Even then, the details were fuzzy, yet-- for some reason-- it affected me powerfully.
In the dream, my father had recently died (in reality, he died from GBM back in 2012), leaving me his logging and lawn-mowing business (in reality, he was a logger, but did not professionally mow lawns).
The dream opened with me riding a bicycle around a long circular road, surveying all the freshly mowed lawns that were making me tons of money.
Eventually, I rode back to my business's headquarters which was, strangely, located in a building that previously housed TSR (the company originally responsible for D&D). Even though the building was now my business headquarters, there were still a lot of game designers hanging out and working there; and lots of games happening in the building's dark corners.
Because I suck at running businesses, I had hired an engineer to help me. I think her name was Heather, b
:iconprodigal-gamer:prodigal-gamer 1 2
Using my Stock Rules
The updated stock usage rules for 2017
Since the word use in the below description may be confusing to people who do not have English a first language I will add to this.
"I hereby grant all DeviantArtists permission to use my stock in any and all Deviant Prints without restriction."
Commercial use of my stock photography is permitted so long as it follows the below points. You are NOT allowed to use my non-stock materials .
You may use these images as you see fit except as follows:
- None of the images in the collection will EVER be used on a site that has PORNOGRAPHY of any sort, content or advertising. My work is art, not pornography and this can reflect poorly on the models I use and my own work. If you are caught you will be banned permanently without warning.
- If you violate any of these rules or violate any of my copyrights you are prohibited entirely, forever, from using any of my stock in any way, shape, or form - commercially or otherwise.
- Do not simply upload them
:iconjagged-eye:jagged-eye 189 163
Kizy by kizysem Kizy :iconkizysem:kizysem 253 39 Ponytail by kizysem Ponytail :iconkizysem:kizysem 16 0
Im a comic book reviewer now!
So I recently hooked up with the website Comic Crusaders ( and Im engaged in writing comic reviews for them. Not a paying gig sadly but I decided to answer the call they put out for some exposure and writing credentials as I can write a detailed review in a relatively short time. Besides Ive been wanting to get more into the writing side of comics and comics related works professionally as that is far easier for me to do and still work on my own Mr Happy comic. 
If you would like to read my first posted review check it out here. Hope you enjoy it.
:iconbracey100:Bracey100 1 22
Commissions: Cobblestone by Bracey100 Commissions: Cobblestone :iconbracey100:Bracey100 35 34 Hero - Rubber Chicken by Bracey100 Hero - Rubber Chicken :iconbracey100:Bracey100 44 50 Amautalik by kerembeyit Amautalik :iconkerembeyit:kerembeyit 2,187 189 Inuit - Iqalu Nappa by ChristopherStevens Inuit - Iqalu Nappa :iconchristopherstevens:ChristopherStevens 300 28 ... by Arthur1711 ... :iconarthur1711:Arthur1711 30 6 Keeley in the river by Neumatic Keeley in the river :iconneumatic:Neumatic 2 0

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Redux - Angie's Cookies 2.0 by BulldozerIvan Redux - Angie's Cookies 2.0 :iconbulldozerivan:BulldozerIvan 0 0 The Tale of Plum Bixie by BulldozerIvan The Tale of Plum Bixie :iconbulldozerivan:BulldozerIvan 1 0 Percolation Warriors: Spider-Faith by BulldozerIvan Percolation Warriors: Spider-Faith :iconbulldozerivan:BulldozerIvan 0 0 A Centipede Returns to the Spiderverse by BulldozerIvan A Centipede Returns to the Spiderverse :iconbulldozerivan:BulldozerIvan 0 0 Ciem Inferno Inmates Guidebook by BulldozerIvan Ciem Inferno Inmates Guidebook :iconbulldozerivan:BulldozerIvan 1 0 Fuse - Feruga from Sodality by BulldozerIvan Fuse - Feruga from Sodality :iconbulldozerivan:BulldozerIvan 1 0 Fuse - Marina Baret from Sodality by BulldozerIvan Fuse - Marina Baret from Sodality :iconbulldozerivan:BulldozerIvan 1 0 Sodality Candi via Fuse CC by BulldozerIvan Sodality Candi via Fuse CC :iconbulldozerivan:BulldozerIvan 0 0 Fuse - Prisoner Candi by BulldozerIvan Fuse - Prisoner Candi :iconbulldozerivan:BulldozerIvan 5 0 Allen Sez by BulldozerIvan Allen Sez :iconbulldozerivan:BulldozerIvan 1 3 Adventures of Allen the Sleazehog 1 by BulldozerIvan Adventures of Allen the Sleazehog 1 :iconbulldozerivan:BulldozerIvan 2 0 Timmay Bio by BulldozerIvan Timmay Bio :iconbulldozerivan:BulldozerIvan 1 0 Steve Bio by BulldozerIvan Steve Bio :iconbulldozerivan:BulldozerIvan 0 2 Tidefredo Bio by BulldozerIvan Tidefredo Bio :iconbulldozerivan:BulldozerIvan 2 0 Shannon Bio by BulldozerIvan Shannon Bio :iconbulldozerivan:BulldozerIvan 1 0 Bruce Bio by BulldozerIvan Bruce Bio :iconbulldozerivan:BulldozerIvan 0 0


The ever-lovely and ever-talented Lee shines once again, this time trading in her Oz experiment for a more Alice-in-Wonderland theme. A...

This piece offers quite a take on the classic Oz mythos, with the interesting and unusual choice of featuring a Tin WOman in one of the...

by Tovato

Long hair is itself distracting. Is that the point? Hard to say what is being said of distractions in general. Just hers, or the idea o...

Which Ciem suit is your favorite so far? 

1 deviant said Forfica II
No deviants said Variega
No deviants said Forfica I
No deviants said Carbonica
No deviants said Lithobara





BulldozerIvan's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am the founder and operator of Dozerfleet Productions. The artwork I submit here is conceptual artwork I've made for various franchises I am developing on my own.

By submitting it here, I hope to make looking inside my work more accessible to an artistic-minded community, and collect the feedback to improve ideas before I attempt to take them to market.

I'm also looking to add artists to the brand, until I can one day make Dozerfleet a comics imprint on par with Dark Horse or Image.

Current Residence
Lansing, MI

Favorite genres of music
Epic, Indie, Alt-Rock

Favorite styles of art
Production Still Photography, Machinomics

Operating System
Windows 10

Active projects
Cherinob, Camelorum Adventures (with Prodigal-Gamer and a few others), Volkonir, The Bison, Q-Basic Gorillas (fanfic), Ciem: Inferno.


Redux - Angie's Cookies 2.0
This is a digitally-enhanced remix of a painting on cardboard done by the original artist from China, a friend of mine, whose signature is included.  All credit for the original painting goes to her.
The Tale of Plum Bixie
Scene from: The Gerosha Chronicles: The Tale of Plumb Bixie

Made with: Far Cry 5 (PS4)

Zize (pronounced "Sih-Suh") "Violet" Choi grew up in the streets of Xian, China.  She longed to do something about the growing global Hebbleskin and Icy Finger threat, and rise above the level of being a petty thief.  However, when offered a chance to join a drug cartel, she instead exposed the cartel and helped authorities bring it down - causing several members of the cartel to target her due to key members being executed by the government.

She hoped that making Xian drug-free would earn her a chance to become respectable, as she hadn't been given a chance at a legitimate life before that.  Yet, the MSS took interest in her, and recruited her to the same program as Mingmei Cheng - who became a hero with the alias of "Stung Hornet" after exposing a corrupt superior and risking her life to defeat him.  Zize grew envious of "Big Sister" Mingmei - who was always out-classing her.

However, Zize didn't like being forced into being a prostitute as a means to being an undercover spy.  She wondered how Mingmei could tolerate it so much, and wondered if there were something wrong with her for not finding the work as enjoyable as Mingmei did.  They both longed to move to doing something more dignified, and they soon got their wishes - but not as they'd expected.

Her sheer prowess at going above and beyond the call of duty in taking down Hebbleskins and spying on American diplomats (and later, on Toklisanan ones) led to Mingmei finally being allowed to work for the esteemed hunter of Hebbleskins known as Shing "Black Rat" Xu - just in time to foil another Hebbleskin raid on another part of China.  Mingmei would eventually be joined by teammates Tin Dragon and Teal Hog, and would later gain Steve McLaine and Miriam "Sniperbadger" Flippo to her team.  They'd bond, and go on many adventures together.

However...Zize was denied the chance to work for Shing.  Extirpon and Ciem's failure to completely negate the destructive impact of the Hebbleskins and Icy Finger detonating Yellowstone thrust America into chaos.  As the eastern US fell and the south formed its own Toklisana entity to resist Triumvirate control; the west and northwest fell. 

China took over California, Oregon, and Washington states to create "Chimerica," thus cutting off the Hebbleskins.  With Affadidah's quasi-Islamic cult now controlling the eastern US and China the west coast, and Toklisana the south, that left a large pocket in the middle - which the Hebbleskins sought to fill themselves.

Lines had been drawn, and the northwest frontier folk soon found themselves with no one left to defend them.  They only knew one thing for certain: this satanic Hebbleskin cult from another planet was out of control, and the locals who hadn't been seduced were having none of it.

Zize found herself initially thrown out of regular spy work and back into espionage prostitution, very annoyed that Mingmei got promoted and that her superiors saw her as nothing but a whore.  She didn't blame Mingmei; only her supervisors in Beijing.  Zize only wanted to give herself to a man she could truly fall in love with.  But what did love even mean anymore?  After target number 27, she found the intimacy part of her job harder to feign.  She was going through the motions, and it made her sick.  She prayed that anyone listening in the beyond give her a chance to reinvent herself - give her a new life.

Then came the big mission: she was sent to sleep with Target Number 36 in the new colonies, and dreading what she had to do.  Most of her targets didn't treat her in bed very kindly.  Mingmei got all the good targets, and Zize was sent to spy on and seduce mostly despicable ones.  However, the Hebbleskins launched a raid on the hotel, and started making off with victims.  They took the victims back to a compound in Idaho near the border with Montana - and began their usual ritual of Decolarent eam, eviscerate eum." Men deemed unworthy of service to Duke Arfaas had their guts sliced open.  Women, their heads chopped off. 

Zize soon found herself tied up and naked, surrounded by headless corpses, waiting in the blood and filth to learn whether she too would lose her head, or be forced to "serve" Arfaas!  Things seemed pretty hopeless...until resistance bombers created the distraction she needed to escape.

The wilderness proved a dangerous, scary new frontier for Zize.  Yet, she was as determined as the Sodality of Gerosha girls that she didn't even know about yet to learn how to survive - and make the most of her newfound freedom. 

The way she saw it, rule of law had crumbled.  The resistance could use her.  The Hebbleskins would likely kill her if given the chance.  No one from China was going to come and rescue her, except maybe Mingmei.  However...she finally had the freedom she wanted! 

Why throw it away, and go back to sexual slavery working for government superiors that barely respected Mingmei and didn't respect her at all?  Unless she contacted *someone* from her mainland country, she figured that all of China would assume she died in that camp, along with a lot of the other women that the Hebbleskins executed. 

If she waited too long to call for help, she'd be seen as a deserter, and could probably be returned to China and executed for desertion.  Unless she entered Toklisana illegally, no one was going to deport her.  So...why report her location at all?

As far as the world knew, Agent Honeypot Zize Choi was dead.  Yet, Zize finally had a solution to cure herself of her jealousy over Mingmei's promotion to "Stung Hornet": by using her new position to aid the local resistance as an excuse to build up a name for herself.  The local Hebbleskin affiliates soon grew to fear the freedom fighter locals referred to as "Plum Bixie."
Percolation Warriors: Spider-Faith
Made with:

- Spider-Man PS4
- Mirror's Edge: Catalyst (PS4)
- The Sims 4 (PC)
- Photoshop CS6


Teen and Adult Candis (Ciem) have appeared in the Spiderverse after the Percolation Wave found a way to put Candi in them.  "A Centipede Lost in the Spiderverse" and "A Centipede Returns to the Spiderverse" explored some of the ramifications of this.

But what about the Insomniac Spider-Man?  Well, now Candi 's Percolation Wave proneness has led to her getting to meet that team.  And unfortunately, Missing Osborn Spider #47 hopped aboard Candi before the Percolation Wave abducted her and Miles. 

Peter arrives back in town after Spider-Geddon, but something's not right.  Did 47 bite anyone?  And who?  And how much crap will Team Earth-1048 get for this?
A Centipede Returns to the Spiderverse
A just for fun Sims 4 machinomic.  The Spider Army has a new secret weapon in their war on Morlun: the Sodality of Gerosha!  But they'll have to stockpile a lot of gloves, as the Geroshans come with one small catch...

Comic made with The Sims 4.
Well, by AmIRight standards, anyway.  "Beware the AOC" describes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a very scathing light, set to the tune of the 60s Spider-Man theme song.

Feel free to visit, rank, and keep the song's popularity spreading.

Journal History


What happened to Status updates?
Mon Sep 18, 2017, 6:34 AM


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Mad42Sam Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2018   Digital Artist
Thank you for the fav :)
-STEVE- by Mad42Sam
Thanks for the fave! A likeness to your Tabitha Pang, huh? I think my kid's gonna like that when I tell her--especially what appears to be a few similarities.

She's not as old as your character, but combat-wise is a student of Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun (she's small but her front-thrust kicks make her Sifu nervous enough to brace for impact).  She's not a Traceuse but has trained in gymnastics and expressed an interest in parkour so we'll see what the future holds.
BulldozerIvan Featured By Owner Edited Oct 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Tabby doesn't know kung fu per se.  She improvises like MacGuyver.

She was instructed a little in martial arts by her mother and some friends, but never went beyond a yellow or red belt in karate.  She's no black belt. 

Tabby's idol, Candi Flippo / Ciem, was predestined by a genetic experiment on her father to have centipede-themed abilities, making her pretty much an analog of Spider-Girl.  Candi was also trained in martial arts, and used her centipede abilities to advance herself intuitively.  So Candi is like Spider-Girl with a bit of Black Widow in terms of fighting style.  Tabby has nowhere near that skill level with martial arts per se.  She's an intuitive fighter, and can improvise well, but is not a professionally trained nor a particularly disciplined martial artist. 

She has learned from watching Ciem fight as well, and has learned a lot of life facts from her mother and from the Gray Champion.  Other than that, whatever else Tabby learned, she learned on the streets as she went along with Sarah as a tutor.  That, or she learned it at Mansfield Juvenile Treatment Center from the other inmates she was with. 

Candi had been to Madison Juvenile in Indiana 11 years prior to Tabby being sent to Mansfield in late 2026.  Candi taught Tabby prison slang, just in case the government ever betrayed the Sodality Church / Sodality of Gerosha which both girls had become a part of by 2021.  (Which, the government eventually did betray them, after Rappaccini's plants started getting their way.) 

So other than what she learned from a handful of superheroes, none of which truly committed themselves to teaching her, Tabby acquired most of her skills in prison.  Tabby often proved the wiser tactician of the two girls, and the better negotiator, and to have better morals.  Sarah, however, was the expert on how stuff worked.  Occasionally, the girls would teach another inmate some of their knowledge, and would be taught skills in return.  Behind the staff's back, they made it "MacGuyver School."

Tabby and your gal sound like they could, under the right circumstances, be dangerous to each other.  If the girls ever teamed up, they'd pose an even greater danger to the Chrome Kite and Icy Finger than either alone. 

Tabby only accepted the offer to take away Marge's power and distribute it amongst her friends for one reason: because it would be them and their courier / spy ops versus an entire cabal of baddies that had exiled the legitimate government and taken over the state - a cabal of supervillains that had its own army to send after Tabby and her friends.  And even if they didn't face the newest incarnation of Stagtar or Microwave Mouth that week, it didn't matter: helicopters and bullets are not funny.  And even if the police chief sympathizes with you, he still has orders to shoot on sight.

In other words, she only got superpowers because she can't afford to go down from a single bullet.  She needs to be tougher.  Otherwise, she would not have even agreed to have powers.  It violates the code of the Keepers of Hester's Locket, a code which warns against using Marlquaanite rubies and bonds for personal gain.
DiamonEyes Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
Hey dude! :iconsecrethandshakeplz2: Just stopping by to say "hello!"
BulldozerIvan Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for stopping by.  How go things?  I'm currently working on the actors' articles for the official Emo Rangers Wiki.  I put in a request with Wikia to officially adopt it, which would make maintaining it my official second wiki project.  (And one I could add to my resume for volunteer work, as the other one is about my brand and therefore wouldn't count.)

Just got done with watching the latest Paul Joseph Watson video about the elections in the UK.  It makes me wonder, based on how the protestors are acting, what exactly got into their drinking water.  You can watch for yourself here:…
DiamonEyes Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
It's been a HUGE year of adjustment for me, since I moved, but it's getting better :nod:

And LOL!!! I LOVE "Paul Joseph Watson". I'm a HUGE fan!!! as well as "Blaire White, and "Gavin McInnes" :iconbadassplz:
BulldozerIvan Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
This could be a huge year of adjustment for me too.  I'm looking for another job, and will be doing a lot more of that very soon.  I might have to move out of my area.  But where to next?  I haven't the foggiest clue.  I only know I can't stay where I'm at much longer.  The job doesn't pay that well, and my family's decisions are as much a hindrance to my life progress as they are a help.
(1 Reply)
Pyroglifix Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I had no idea i didnt watch you back!
Chamberlain-Complex Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fave!

BulldozerIvan Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad to.  I was going to write a funny caption reinterpretation, but I got a little tired and went to bed.  And forgot what I was gonna write. 

If you'd like, I could come up with a funny caption.  I'm currently working on how to depict Lemon Witch in art styles that aren't Lego, Sims 3, or Sims 4.  My own freehand style is...well...hideously bad.  But I'll upload it anyway, to demonstrate why I rely on Sims so much.


I was also upset last night when I went to bed, because CWCWarden claimed he delights in compliments and feedback on his profile.  But when I did compliment one of his works, saying I'd like to use it as a frame of reference for how to write my own, he blocked me from leaving any other comments!  I was like: "What the hell, dude?"

And I had this entire story figured out for a funny caption too, in which his blonde in one scene of his was a raging redneck who didn't know how to keep quiet and the Asian woman was trying to mentally decipher some codex from somewhere.  The redneck finally addresses the Asian as "Viet-Vicky," and asks her (Min Liu-Kin) what she's mumbling.  Min keeps trying to decipher the code, a bunch of letters with two-digit numbers after them.  The redneck then accuses her of playing "Mental Sudoku," and says that it's nonsense because "everyone knows" you have to write it down to keep it fair, and to let others play.

The guard then chimes in that the prison they are at doesn't have Sudoku, just "Polar-Coordinate Battleship."  To which the redneck replies: "Well I'll be damned!"  To which the guard replies: "You mean, you're not already?"

Yeah...he allows comments on horsewhipping of vaginas, but my comedy dialogue about Sudoku gets blocked!?  I even modeled the redneck blonde's personality after the Fine Bros.' reinterpretation of Sawyer from Lost, from those parody videos they made back in 2009, before they got greedy and made "ReactWorld"!  Real creativity is condemned, and mindless sadism is rewarded?  I was like: "What the hell???"


Anyway, glad you're still around. 
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