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Depth of field

Depth of field
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8692x7274px 4.13 MB
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1/100 second
Focal Length
55 mm
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Date Taken
Sep 20, 2010, 11:39:09 AM
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It may be fairly common for photographers to use water the things like this; that’s ok because the main subject for me is the colour involved. An example of this is where you see the sharp reds throughout the fungus but in the water it’s all mixed and blended with soft colours.

Something that can be improved is how there no obvious centre of attention; witch can be fine for some images such as abstract but; most of the time hyper realism has a bold main subject to draw people in.

Because I like to leave things on a good note, I must say you have awesome camera control. All the extremely high contrast crisp parts are amazingly sharp!
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Thx for your critique ! Only want to emphasise that there not water and reflection in this composition. Indeed there are two photos with differnent DOT mixed by Photoshop!
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Sure fooled me, and a fair amout of people commenting.
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is this real water or photoshopped?!
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I think it could of done without the mirrored reflection...
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woh this is confusing the hell outta me lol it looks like a reflection but then it doesnt... usper confuzled am I! lol
TomariGraphics's avatar
wow this is a very impressive shot to find such perfect mushrooms with that beautiful color nature is an amazing thing
Elyndelou's avatar
This is a wonderful idea...
JMarcDodsonJr's avatar
The water reflects the mushrooms beautifully. You really captured a serene scene :)
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Very lovely nature shot, well done :)
lovepancakes's avatar
this si really impressive
unter-wegs's avatar
wow... you were lucky to find these beautiful group of "tue mouche" !
thejamesstark's avatar
love your work! its better than myne!
KaiSaunders's avatar
Really amazing colour and texture, brilliant!
MoncheriNeko23's avatar
Kjdragon's avatar
great job on the photography. It really does show the depth of field":D
Yurixy's avatar
Great focus!!
f1utterby3's avatar
WOW. The red of the mushrooms are brilliant in this and your focus is perfect! Amazing shot and use of reflection!
appleandtangerine's avatar
Are these.... mushrooms???? They looks like really cute gumdrops on a stick haha
ZenBlood's avatar
They look sugar-coated x3 mmm
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Whoa, trippy. =)
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I like the photo a lot, but I think the mirror line is a bit too liny, I think it's a bit too clear...
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