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We are a community of artists from the Bulbagarden Oekaki board. And...we're in a weird transition period.

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Hi everyone! Sorry that I haven't quite followed through with making an effort to keep this group active. Truth is, I wasn't sure what the best course of action moving forward was. How do you maintain a community when the main gathering place and communication medium is gone?

But maybe that's missing the point. We all came together to draw pictures of Pokemon and there's nothing stopping us from doing that. Plenty of us made art in places other than the oekaki.  So I have a different idea. You all remember the monthly themes, right? Especially when they stuck around for more than a month? ;) I'd like to bring those back so that we all have a reason to share art here again.

And my thought for the first monthly theme is... Spring!  Spring is a time of new beginnings, so it seems apt. (Unless you're in the southern hemisphere... in which case this is a bit less relevant.)  Since the month is half over, and the monthly themes rarely lasted for only a month, this one will run through the end of April.  After that they'll become monthly.  As this is still a Pokemon group, submissions should still feature Pokemon, but you can draw them using whatever media you choose. Oekaki, Photoshop, traditional art... it's up to you!

I could also use some help with moderation, since I don't always have a ton of time to check dA, and I don't want submissions or membership requests to keep getting missed...  Let me know if you're interested! Preferably I'm looking for help from people who use dA at least a couple times a week.

I'm looking forward to seeing new art from you guys!
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KatrinaIorio Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016
I still can't believe that bulbagarden is gone ... I spent almost five years there, after aquabunny closed down. Does anyone else know any other pkmn oekaki boards? I've been searching for the last year, but with no luck. It seems like all the Oekaki I used to frequent are either ghost towns or just... gone.

Also, I tried joining this group recently to keep in touch, but my request expired... although, in all honesty, it seems  like here does have much action, either? Is it still open? Are people still contributing ...?
VampireSessh Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018  Student General Artist
Try Pichu's World! We're still alive. Barely, but there are still some active members.
misa-acar Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Student General Artist
Thank you so much for this I have been trying to get on it, and did not understand why I wasn't connected
I am going to miss it, seems like all the Oekaki I used to frequent are either ghost towns or just... gone. I hate change
MiuNya Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
RIP Bulbakaki ): I miss seeing everyones art, I hope everyone got to save the art they did

If you all know of any other oekakis let me know,

Marriland Oekaki is meant to be shutting down soon too but no idea about when (its all gltichy and useless anyway even if it does stay up, sigh)
VampireSessh Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018  Student General Artist
Pichu's World is still around! We're always happy to see new faces!
MiuNya Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What kind of paint programme do you use? Shipainter?
VampireSessh Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2018  Student General Artist
I personally actually use Corel Painter and Photoshop, however, PWO had Shipainter, Chibi Paint, and Paint BBS, 
bochibochi Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh no, I can't believe the oekaki is gone!
What has it been, 7-8 years? Gosh, this is what introduced me to the internet and digital art. It's been great, and I love all you guys!!! Thanks for everything !! ♡
Wanami Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015

ANYWAY, I read the comments, and you have no idea how sad I am that the oekaki is gone.
It has been like...five years.

nyachan93 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
We should!! Message me and we can talk about how to do it.
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