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[03-Jul-2014] Opening up this section.

You have come here because you play Shoot-em-ups.
You may be a BulletHell-Maniac, Enjoying a good home-brewed Danmaku, or fallen in love with Touhou.
We hope you find something of interest in this section.


Your mission to play shmups!
We encourage you to 

Give feedback to developers.
Positive or Constructive Criticism.

'Buy' games that you like.
This rewards developers for a good job, gives them the opportunity for some R&R, and allows them to continue to make games that you enjoy.
You spent $ at the local arcade. Reward the developers if you enjoy their game!
Talk about games you like - help them go viral.
Let us know what games you are playing and where we can find them.

Games to watch

Lets keep a close eye on these games.. :D
*want to be featured here? drop us a note and provide a watch image 160x240px MAX

:iconalzakhray::icon2awesome-studio::iconcyberrhino::iconeboshidori: :iconeebrozgi:
Show them some support, they may also be looking for feedback or testers.

Shmups need your support!

Active Kickstarters

Steam Greenlight

Games from group members.

These have been developed by members of this group! Making a game is a great challenge, Much kudos to our champions!
*have a community shmup not listed here? drop us a note and we'll add it! *help us out with a 50x50 thumb icon for your game for our grid of games.

TSHMUP - GAME by pixelstabSHMUP in progress by TheWetFloorsignShooter Test by DynamiteManEXEFusionQUEST by blazeLimit


Volcanic-Penguin [Vectorus]
Mika-Chai [GigaForce][StarShip ESPER][Prince of Dragon]
MuraveiMacro Space Shooter
pzUH Space Madness
Axcho Space Hero
ASDgamesAsd Type>
TheWetFloorsign[SHMUP in progress]
C3WhiteRose [Air Striker 1945 (Demo)][CV Invader 2][CV Invader]
Zappan [Starfield Zero]
whrndpx Simple Shmup
DynamiteManEXE[Shooter Test]
GamesFuhrer [Hikouki Tomodachi]
blazelimit FusionQUEST

Social Gamers

If you would like to share your gamer tags, steam-ids, messengers, drop us a note. We'll add you to the list.

[Game Center]Buko-Studios

Games List

*Send us a note if you know of a Shmup that should be listed here!

Shmups on NewGrounds(29)

Here are some of our favourites..

Here is a nice list of console shooters

Mobile Games

Here are the shmups we have found for our apple mobile devices.
Where possible we link the free version to "try before you buy". If you like the game, please support the hard work that went into developing them.
Join our group Shmuproom and let us know what shmups you are playing and where to get them!
Have something to add??
If you have a Shmup on the itunes store,  pop a message to shmuproom{@} and we'll check it out.
25 Aug 2013 - New Games added 'DOT Space Hero' and 'Wonton 51'
12 Aug 2013 - New Games added 'Icarus X' and 'Neocell-Fighters'

*needs updating

Advanced Terms

"1CC" - 1 Credit Clear
"Doujin" Shmups- Video games created by Japanese hobbyists


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Final boss is so hardcore, I wonder if everyone playing my game is feeling this hard too