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By bukittyan

Hi everyone!

I've been sort of off and on here at DA, mostly working very hard on my webcomic, LaSalle's Legacy, so I haven't had too much time to really do Dragon Age fanart. Or, I could if I didn't want to play Inquisition all the time. Play game, or fanart.... such a hard decision.

Anyway, I'll be on here even less in the coming months since I'm having a baby. ::D: I'm due April 17, which means I could have the baby just about any day now, and I'll have even less time on my hands for fanarting and other things. So things will be extremely sporadic as I adjust to new life and figure out what I'm doing. :XD: LaSalle's Legacy will continue on until the first week of May, finishing out Chapter 19, and will then be on hiatus until probably 2016. More details will be posted on the site itself.

I'll probably pop on every so often to see stuff and comment, but there probably won't be any new art for a long while. I do post sketches and things on my Instagram and Tumblr sites occasionally, so if you're curious about process work, check those out.

Anyway, thanks to everyone watching and who comment on my work! I appreciate every single one of you, even if I don't respond right away. Wish me luck and I wish the best for all of you guys for the rest of the year too!

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Congrats and good luck! Miss hanging out with you at conventions, maybe one day our paths will cross again :] <3
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I miss you too! D: Why is Atlanta so far away? Ah well, at least we have Facebook, right? ;) And we'll see each other again, I'm sure.
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