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During our walk on Sunday, Mr Bukittyan and I began discussing which Disney Princesses would we choose to make up the crew of the Enterprise. Since I love hearing what other people think, I'll post a mini-poll! Which Disney princess do you think would be best suited for the following positions on the Enterprise?

First Officer
Science Officer (if separate from First Officer, they can be together)

My roster would be:
Captain- Jasmine
First Officer- Tiana
Science Officer- Ariel
Navigation- Pocahontas
Communication- Snow White
Tactical- Mulan
Medical- Rapunzel
Engineering- Belle

If you agree, or disagree, let me know!

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No idea I must admit. Expect for DS9 Star Trek isn't really my area of expertise.
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DS9 was pretty awesome. I think I watched more of that than any other Trek, though I did watch a lot of The Next Generation as well.
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I watched most of TNG as well, but only once each. DS9 I watched 3 times by now IIRC. TOS every ep also once or twice, Voyager I gave up on after season 1.