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Qunari Training Exercise

By bukittyan
When Bull asked my Inquisitor to help him out, this was the first thing that came to mind. Bull, you do realize that your boss is a mage who only lifts books to carry up to her room, right? If Cassandra can't help you, Saelyn definitely can't.

She tries though. Always helpful, my Lavellan. :XD:
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My inquisitor was a dwarf...let's say Bull didn't consider height differences very well.

This cute by the way.
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hahahahahahahahahaha! XD THat'll show him! ;)

Thank you!
Piarelle's avatar
Aw, poor inquisitor :lol:! Cute comic!
My Lavellan just refused to hit him ^^;
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It is an unusual request, but mine shrugged and rolled with it.

And thank you! :D
Himesatou's avatar
I could just imagine the inquisitor going off to get her halla then use it to charge bull down XD.
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Hahaha! That would be awesome actually. Bull against the Halla.
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Haha, yeaah. Bull, do you honestly think an elf mage(even a dude, in my case) can hit you harder than CASSANDRA PENTAGHAST? Really?? Silly man.
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Blackwall might be able to match Cassandra, but that'd be it.
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I had this scene earlier with my Lavellan xD
bukittyan's avatar
:highfive: :D

Is your Lavellan a mage too? Or a warrior?
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Do what cassandra did but aim a little lower XD that'll get him to his knees XD 
bukittyan's avatar
Hahahahahaha! Bull'll think twice about asking after that! :XD:
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