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Dragon Age Inquisition Comics- Romance style!

I wanted to relax a bit and since I haven’t done anything romantic (mostly because I’m all intimidated by Dat Beard) I decided to finally do this little mini-comic. I read somewhere on Tumblr that non-romanced Blackwall will go out and gather flowers for Josephine but not for your Inquisitor and I thought, “Well, of course he’d get her flowers.” So I had to draw it. Flowers are nice, especially after a day dealing with Orlesians and their petty petty ways. Lavellen approves. :3

I also wanted to experiment a bit with coloring with just grey-toned copics. Some of the backgrounds would have been a lot better with a ruler and more attention to perspective, but for a short comic I think it worked.

Anyway, just something cutesy and romantic because I can. :D
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Heh heh, I kind of feel ya on drawing beards, I worry that it looks fake and looks like someone taped a wig on the person's face. XD

But anyway, this is very sweet and adorable. :)
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Thank you!

Beards are pretty intimidating, aren't they? But practice makes perfect.
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Aww, this is sweet. :love: Yes, drawing beards is pretty intimidating. :XD:

And your coloring with grey copics looks pretty nice! I like it! :meow:
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Aw, so cute! Heart 
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