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Dragon Age Inquisition: Diplomatic Relations

By bukittyan
I finished Inquisition! :la: So of course now the comicking begins! Meet Saelyn Lavellan- Mage, elf, and poor lovesick puppy. She has no idea what's in store for her. No idea.

Then again, she's probably glad she didn't go for Solas. :XD:

Dorian's clothes are too hard to figure out. So many buckles and accoutrements! I guess it's time to get the old camera out for screenshots.

If you wanna talk about your inquisitors in the comments, feel free! I love hearing about other peoples Inquisitors! :D
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WritterInTheArtHat's avatar
Looks like you're doing some really important research there, Inquisitor XD And I'm sure Dorian doesn't mind helping :3
bukittyan's avatar
No, he doesn't. Not at all. ;)
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I'm on my second playthrough and have yet to romance the ever awesome Blackwall, but I'm rather looking forward to it. XD (Josie too)

All in good time, I tell myself. *sighs*
bukittyan's avatar
Romance all the people! :la: Though I'm so hesitant to romance Solas- it's so heartbreaking. D:

Just make sure you've got some tissues for Blackwall. Since you've been through it once, you won't be too surprised, but man I was feeling all the emotions my first playthrough! D:
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It sure is.
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All day today I've been hearing fantastic things about this game and seeing awesome fan art. I still haven't played more than an hour or so into Origins... ;_;
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But LOTRO needs you too! :D If you play, you might obsessively make comics like me, though you might not be quite as interested in the romance as I am. XD It's a dangerous path.

You could always watch a Let's Play if you don't have time as well. I do that with some games that I wanna revisit but don't have the time (Final fantasy X-12).
ansuz's avatar
I know LOTRO needs me! ;_; They're adding Minas Tirith later this year, and my main soloing character is only about 2/3 of the way to level cap...! And now you can play as a Beorning... and run around siccing bees on people. MMOs do get kind of monotonous sometimes, though. Come to think of it, it's been ages since I've sat down with an actual console RPG with a really good, involving storyline...

Your comics are fun. :) I'm usually half afraid to read them because of potential spoilers, though. And yeah... I'm not so interested in the romance, lol. But then, it depends on the characters.

I've never really watched any Let's Plays (except one, for a game I was sure I was never going to play myself)... I'm always like, "but I MIGHT play it someday, and I don't want to spoil the story!" Granted, I almost never finish games, and end up hearing about the plots secondhand anyway... sigh.

if I WERE to think about picking up Inquisition, would you recommend that I play through Origins first?
bukittyan's avatar
BEEES! Oh, you're siccing bees on people, right? Right? That'd be so awesome!

Inquisition has a jar of bees you can throw on people. XD

Thank you! I try to mostly make funny comics for Dragon Age. Helps balance the melodrama I create between Jon and Jared at times. :XD: And also the romance since that doesn't get touched on quite as much in LaSalle's Legacy either. I like romance sometimes. But Dragon Age has a ton of really cool characters that I love even when I don't romance them.

Most of the longer style games are a time commitment, like LOTRO. I think I spent 94 hours on Inquisition alone, so I can understand not having the time to play at times.

Yeah, I'd recommend you play Origins and DA2, and some of the DLC (Awakenings and Witch Hunt for Origins, Legacy for DA2 at least), before you play Inquisition. You can play it without all that foreknowlege, but it's kind of like picking up the third book in a series. You get a lot more out of it when you've played/read the previous ones, especially since cameos occur a lot. And since your first character is a mage, I think you'll get a lot more out of it too.
ansuz's avatar
Unfortunately the bees are not as useful as I might have liked (they're the first ranged skill you get in the build I'm using, but you have to build up Wrath points in combat before you can use them.. so they're pretty worthless for pulling stuff to you unless you've just finished a fight... at which point it's easier to just run up and start hitting the next mob... or turn into a bear at it or something.) Still pretty funny, though. And if you use them on a small-sized enemy, you get an tiny cloud of extra tiny bees...

Thanks, I wasn't sure how stand-alone or interconnected the plots all were. I may try to start Origins again, then. :) I'm trying to be better about actually taking the time to do fun things like gaming, rather than feeling guilty about every moment I'm not working on comics and then wasting time procrastinating anyway. At least single-player RPGs are less of an open-ended time commitment than MMOs...

though I just bought Guild Wars 2 since it was on sale for $10 the other weekend, so Origins may have some more competition until the novelty wears off. XD
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Don't feel guilty for down time! I find that the story-based games are just as engaging and good for ideas as reading. I'm currently going through Uncharted and the story is really good and interesting too. When I bought Inquisition I told myself I would have 1 full day off to play and then just ended up playing an hour or two on most weekdays (usually before and after work if I didn't have anything else) and that worked out for me. Weekends that we weren't doing anything I spent time playing the game. tHough sadly now I have to clean out my office/house to make room for the baby so my weekends aren't as free as they used to be anymore. :XD: But yeah, don't feel guilty. The game might inspire you for things in Tamuran- you never know!

Lol, I hear good things about Guild Wars. Let me know how you like it! I try to stay away from MMOs as I get obsessive enough with Dragon Age.
Monica-NG's avatar
I think Blackwall is so ugly (but I like his backstory) I prefer Cullen and Solas (But I'm not ready for start a relationship with him, I don't like that ending waaagh! D:) <3 XDD I have to conquer them all!! :_D
bukittyan's avatar
lol, no one can compare with Cullen in the looks department, that's for sure. ;) Blackwall kind of grew on me- I liked the rugged lumberjack look after a while.

But man, Solas. D: I thought I had the most drama-filled relationship until that ending!

And I know what you mean! I haven't started another playthrough because I don't know who to romance next! So many choices.
Monica-NG's avatar
I love drama relationships~~
I always start with a female human rogue, next will be an elf mage male/female I'm not sure! D: 
bukittyan's avatar
DRAMA! :la: It's interesting in game, but drama in relationships in real life is tiring. XD

Oo, let me know what you choose! My elf is a mage and now I can't decide if I want to play a human or qunari or dwarf next. Mostly I can't decide who to romance next, which will decide my gender. :XD:

So who'd your human rogue romance? Cullen? ;)
Monica-NG's avatar
hahahaha YES! At least we can have some drama in games X3

And yes! Cullen is for my human rogue~~

Uh, I'm also interested in romance Josephine and Sera X3
I watched all the videos in youtube and... oh my! I need more time to play T^T
Also I want to play with different choices from the previous games. :_D
bukittyan's avatar
Josephine's so adorable! :love: I kinda want to romance her too! And Cass... and Sera but not with an elf. XD I like Solas, but sadly he's not for me.

I need more time too. D: I've watched most of the romance videos on Youtube as well and they're all so different! It's pretty cool.

Me too! I want to see what happened with the Templars. My elf sided with the mages so I'm curious. Plus, that young one seems to be popular since he's cute. :3
wanderer1812's avatar
I had such high hopes for Blackwall. Matt Rhodes concept art was Yummy Plz disapointed in his character :no:
Dorian however is fabulous :D
bukittyan's avatar
His looks or personality?

Dorian is fabulous. He would agree too. :lol: :XD:
wanderer1812's avatar
Personality, wanted to punch him after that personal quest, and the story about the dog, not impressed :no: nope nope. Nothing wrong with looks, didn't seem as ..impressive as the concepts though. Not a fan of him really.

lol that he would
bukittyan's avatar
Heh heh, I liked him (obviously) but I know he's a bit of a divisive character, like Sera and Vivienne. Which I'm okay with- far better for him to be interesting than boring, which is what I was kind of thinking before I did his personal quest.

I didn't get the story with the dog, but then I romanced him so he tells something different. It's always neat to hear what happens in other people's playthroughs. I didn't get my mages talking to each other much in party banter because my character was a mage herself so I'll have to hear the banter another time.
wanderer1812's avatar
He just wasn't what I expected..and then it got worse lol
and the romance? I saw what happened after the whole personal quest...come on, that was ridiculous! kissing him? there and then? ugh, yeah that works wonders for the Inquisitor's reputation :unimpressed: They should have had a separate scene for the romantic interaction.
Oh gods, Sera and Vivienne, seem ok and then say something that makes you want to throw them out the nearest window - Viv better watch out considering her chosen location

Ha, figures he wouldn't tell his love interest that story, says much about him.
Companions didn't talk much in my playthroughs fullstop :( even after the patch.
I also play a mage so would have missed out on that..did anyway due to lack of talking. Prob listen to it on youtube, not really a fan of the combat for rogues/warriors
bukittyan's avatar
Lots of people were bothered by that it seems. My Inquisitor wasn't, but she never really cared much about her reputation anyway. :XD: Ah well, different strokes for different folks.

I can understand both Sera and Viv... well, more Vivienne than Sera. Both are extremely set in their ways and not prone to thinking much about anything that's contrary to their beliefs. But both are also not well liked too. I think that's fine though. Shows that they're all super different from each other. A whole party of Varrics would be kinda boring.

I got some, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. One bug I hated after the patch was if I changed my party at a camp or loaded a save suddenly they were in mid-conversation and I was like NOOO wait i wanna hear the beginning! :(

I went back to the Hinterlands when I was level 17 or something like that and had an all-Mage party collecting Blood Lotus and elfroot so occasionally they'd talk to each other. But that was the only time, really. I'll have to try the combat for rogues; I kept having to babysit Cole as a dual-handed warrior so I got a glimpse of what that was like.
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