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DA:O The Locket, p2
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Published: April 27, 2010
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Warning! Contains spoilers for the Arl of Redcliffe.

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When you talk to Teagan and Isolde, they say that they aren't going to tell Connor what happened. I think Connor's a pretty smart kid, and would try to figure it out on his own.

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A-Redheads-RamblingsHobbyist General Artist
Don't answer that question! :no:
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bukittyanProfessional Digital Artist
I know. Nothing good can come of it.
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What Isolde did to Alistair wasn't right but I have a certain amount of sympathy for her.


If Alistair were the Arl's son, then it could make a real mess of things. What if the knights/whatevers preferred him to Connor? What if he chose to try to take the Arldom? She and her son could end up dead in such a situation. Even if the take-over were peaceful, with the Arl dead, what place would she have? She'd be powerless in a foreign land, dependent on the good-will of others with no legal or blood-ties to ensure her safety or good treatment.

How she went about protecting her son and herself wasn't right, but I can at least see where she was coming from. Fear makes people do stupid things and Isolde seems like someone with a lot of fear.

(Cue Yoda quote...)
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In my first gameplay,I killed Isold (ha,Isolde is my second name),case I diden't knew that you could save them with the mages.Then at my second gameplay I saved them.
But as a male Cousland I killed Conner :P

Annyhow,great story!! :D
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I like the way people think about killing Isolde, I went ahead and did it!! It's a very good bit of graphics. Love the way you've the done the BG and morrigan's little bubbly speechy thingy, cute!
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Of corse you have to kill her,But its Alistair hwos going mad and winey! :P
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yeah but i talked him round, he went crazy back at camp, and i just said "i thought i did the best thing" and he forgave me all over, i did -7 approval though :(
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Yeah,I like Alistair,but the arlessa (Isold) was quite mean to him..Not that he wanted her dead of course.But sometimes,when I'm playing the game more then one time..I'm starting to think he can be qute pestering and whiney.... :(
Luthien826's avatar
hahaha yeah I found that too, plus I have a lot more respect for sten second time round as he just annoyed me with the whole "your a woman" speeches, lol
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Yeah,me too.Stens filosofi is quite unlike ours,but he has some good points.Like not to forget purpuse and duty.

Hahaha,did you know that Sten means "stone" in swedish?
Its even an usual swedish name. :)
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that I did not know,at least I have learnt something today :) According to my friend if you decide to kill Connor he reacts very badly back at camp, worse than with isolde!
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err,yeah...I know...I had to try it... :(
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I love Morrigan~
And and and, I really wanted to sacrifice Isolde too.
But I didn't have the heart, so I was just a b-- to her~
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If Isolde is the one who will approach Connor, I will kill her . . . .

Actually it's not Connor, it was her . . .. (SPOILERS, on my POV)

There is ending that if you tell Connor about the Fade and the whole event, after he was a full mage he will research about the Fade. . .
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Outstanding job. Especially loved the Morrigan moment. I've always sent her into the Fade just to hear her reactions to the Connor/Desire Demon.

"Shoo. Go run and play...or whatever."

Love it :clap:
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I hate to save Conner with Wynne,shes so boring.
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Hmm, I'm curious what happens next. Good job on the panel with room, looks like it took a lot of effort.
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CorbieProfessional Writer
That is SO what Morrigan would say!
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Aw.... Connor is so cute! :meow:
:( Poor conner. I'm really sorry for the kid, all he wanted was to help his father and be a good ruler, not that something like this would happen :(

Truth be told, I was tempted to sacrifice Isolde after what she did to Alistair, however i didn't want the kid without a mother.

Besides, she isn't that bad :) As long as she remains quiet that is ^^;
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victriciaHobbyist Digital Artist
Me too, I was really tempted to sacrifice her the third time around, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, imagine how sad Connor and Eamon would've been to wake up from their respective possessions and poison comas to find out that she'd be dead... Gah. I'm too soft. :D
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bukittyanProfessional Digital Artist
Oh, I couldn't help but be snarky to Isolde after what she did to Alistair. :3
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Which is why it's always Fun to take Shale with you to RedCliff. She says all the things everyone else *wants* to say.
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