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hexagon brush set

only compatible with ps6 and up. just a buncha hexagon brushes of different sizes and styles i made a few months ago. made for the lazy people XP if you use them, please give credit. thanks :3
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thank you alot <3

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Thanks for sharing :)
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0 Byte download.... Seems legit
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[link] Used here. Thanks so much!
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Thank you! I am going to use this for a Boards of Canada poster I am making!
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Thanks for the brush! Wouldn't of been able to make this without it! [link]
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Used your brush here: [link]. Thanks a lot! :3
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Wait, this only works in Photoshop CS6?! :noes:

...I made it work on my Photoshop CS3 :iconhurttplz:

BTW, used your brush here -- > [link]
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Just PS6 but way back in the day of 2003, it was called Photoshop 6 and finally 7 was the last one. since then it became Photoshop cs to the latest Photoshop CS6. Photoshop 6 (older) and Photoshop CS 6 (latest) are two separate applications.
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Just to let you know that your brushes were used here :meow: [link]

Thanks for the awesome brush!
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Thanks a lot! It's a big help
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I'm so lazy I'm not even downloading the thing. I've saved that image up there and traced it! XD I'll link you when it's done.
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I'm using them as part of a texture for one of the characters in a game I'm currently working on as part of a school project called "Chronoshift". Thank you very much! ^^
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Used some of your hexagons on some Tron art here :)

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Hey! I just try your brushes on my work ([link]) And they're amazing! Thanks a lot for the help!
Let me borrow this, thanks buki
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