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Takamin PaintChat Tutorial -2-

BuizelKnight's Practice Room
This room is free for anyone to use to practice Paint Chatting.

Be sure to check out the first tutorial if you're new to Pchat!


Hey there!
Do you still recall what Pchat is? I dunno how many people still remember it, let alone use it, but hey. I figured you guys deserve to know some more tips for Pchat!

The first tutorial gave you the basics on how to use pchat. This one gives you more information and updates on pchat!

Here, you'll learn how to pull up a color wheel, use zoom, and even do something with the chat box.

Again, here are some simple rules:
When you do Pchat please remember the following things
1. This is an open art board meaning anyone can enter. Please respect other artist and don't destroy their stuff.
2. Since it is open, feel free to do collaborations with other artist.
3. Please keep the art and the chatting PG-13.
4. Pchat has a Maintenance mode every day at 3:30 PM (NST) (4:30 PM During Daylight Savings Time). Everyone will be booted and the art will be cleared. Please keep that in mind when drawing.
5. Have fun with it. Don't be afraid to talk to other people in there.

Again, I draw with a mouse in Pchat. So, if I can do it without a tablet, I'm pretty sure you guys can do it as well.
All the drawings on the tutorial were drawn on Pchat, so...

And if you'd like to make your own board (Privately for you and your friends), rent one at the Takamin website.

This is the information you'll need to put into the boxes:
-Password (For confirmation)
-E-mail Address
-E-mail Address(For confirmation)
-The name of the chat room

-The rest is optional

I hope you guys have some happy chatting.

Takamin Paint Chat
Copyright 1997-2010 Takamichi Suzuki
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Excuse me, I'm a noob at this takamin site! ;; I was just wondering... do you have to pay anything to rent a a board/room whatever you call it?

I-I'm just making sure! ;;

Thank you ;v;
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Ah, Hahah I don't believe you do.
I made one a while ago and nothing has happened to me, payment wise, so I think you should be fine. x3
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Thank you very much! ;v;
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B-but I've tried loads of times with a mouse, and I still suck with it. <:'C
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Practice makes better? ,:3;
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Are you sure that's the time when they erase everything? I put some random stuff on there last night, and it was still there at 12 (which is when it should have been erased at my time)
sorry if i'm bothering you ^^;
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Well, in the US, since I'm on the west coast, it clears at 4:30 pm.
So it'll clear somewhere between 4:30 - 8:30 pm in the US depending on which time zone you're in.

But I wouldn't worry about it.
You sort of get a warning (in Japanese, but you can see the minutes) of when it's gonna clear.
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OH okay, I'm on the west coast too, but I looked up what NST was and it said Newfoundland Standard Time, so that's why I thought it cleared at a different time lol. I guess it doesn't really matter, but i was just curious
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Well I was thinking it should be PST, but the Neopet's clock says NST, so I figured that'd be more accurate. x3;
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yeah i see my comment was a bit generic there X3;
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