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Takamin PaintChat Tutorial -1-

BuizelKnight's Practice Room
This room is free for anyone to use to practice Paint Chatting.


And a second tutorial has been added, so be sure to take a look!


I've recieved a couple of request about how to use Paint Chat (Or Pchat) and well.... I GOT TIRED OF YOU ASKING ME!!! D<

Haha No just joking, but anyways...
I decided to make a tutorial sort of thing so I don't have to explain it twenty times....

It explains the basics of Pchat. The various tools and such. Also shows you how it should look when you start it and things like that.

Starts off with how to get in. If you don't get to that screen, you may not have Java installed.
Once you enter you'll get that screen and that when you can go crazy and practice.
The tools include those above, though I'm not exactly sure what they are officially called... I just call them that though.
I left out the Kick funtion because I dunno how it works.
And where there are boxes... Those are supposed to be Japanese charaters... My laptop can't read them....

All the pictures you see there were all Pchat generated by me.

Just because you don't have a tablet doesn't mean you can't enjoy Pchat. I've drawn with a mouse various times and it turned out great. There are a few other Pchat Artist who use the mouse and they are awesome at it. And hey, I've seen someone draw with the laptop's touch pad thing. It was epic. So don't give up just because you don't have a tablet or mouse or whatever.

This is where you can go to practice some of the things you learned here. [link]
It's not my usual Pchat room, but hey, it's a good place to practice. I hope my friend doesn't mind that I'm linking it to you guys.... I REALLY hope he doesn't....

When you do Pchat please remember the following things
1. This is an open art board meaning anyone can enter. Please respect other artist and don't destroy their stuff.
2. Since it is open, feel free to do collaborations with other artist.
3. Please keep the art and the chatting PG-13.... PLEASE! I don't want people to be exposed to stuff like that.
4. Pchat has a Maintenance mode every day at 3:30 PM (NST) Everyone will be booted and the art will be cleared. Please keep that in mind when drawing.
5. Have fun with it. Don't be afraid to talk to other people in there.

Ahh Yes... My first tutorial... It's garbage and I don't care what you say.... Unless you agree with me.... Sorry for any spelling or grammer errors.
It's big... You may want to full view it to see the text

...I hope I'm not doing a bad thing by doing this....
Blah Blah Blah... I think I'm forgetting something, but I always feel that way....

Enjoy Pchating my friends

Paint Chat
Copyright 1997-2007 Takamichi Suzuki
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y'know, this image led me to some of my friends that I've been speaking to for 5 years now. I give my thanks to you for posting this image.
PizzaPotatoNBacon's avatar
Thanks. I needed help with the mask part.
mAgICALnIGHTSKy's avatar
this is so incredibly helpful! i was so confused from just looking at the pchat home page DX thanks so much!!
BuizelKnight's avatar
Haha Glad it helped. x3
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EeNii's avatar
What is PaintChat's URL where i could sing up?
BuizelKnight's avatar
I believe you can sign up right here.
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PullItApart's avatar
The link you put in the description is 'forbidden' but the instructions on how to make a new board I saw you posted on a comment wasn't 'forbidden'... can I have a link to just a general sign-in page for the oekakichat thing? :/ I've searched the entire freaking internet but nothing is straightforward, idk.

Maybe it's my system? I have windows 7. :X
Thanks for the help. .__.
BuizelKnight's avatar
Heh, Okay, It's just the link I posted.
Window 7 shouldn't have any issues.
Try this link out.
In theory, it should work.
PullItApart's avatar
Thank you n_n; :iconthumbsupplz:
InvaderBlood's avatar
Thanks for the link to Pchat! But, what's iScribble? I'm a little curious.^^'
BuizelKnight's avatar
iScribble is another drawing place.
I'd have to say that iScribble is a little more complex. x3
i dont know why but i cant get in any pchat rooms
BuizelKnight's avatar
Hmmm... You may not have Java? ,:3
and how would i download java
anime-manga-fan's avatar
Very helpful. Thanks C:
BuizelKnight's avatar
Glad you found it helpful. :3
xDragon-Infernox's avatar
;3; how do you sign up for it to get your own room?? Ive been trying and no success
BuizelKnight's avatar
Appearantly this place will let you make a room.
I dunno how to read it though. x3;
Tisserovehicks's avatar
thanks for the tutorial(now where's part 2?)
BuizelKnight's avatar
Uhhh I dunno. x3
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