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Soarin' Like A Plane

Oooh, I really enjoyed drawing Soarin with his hoodie jacket here~ x3 Yeah, a scene inspired in Rainbow Falls where he does the flying through loops training thing. =3


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Soarin © My Little Pony:FIM HASBRO
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I would love a hoodie like that
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Mostly because I love the country of France because of its exquisite and sophisticated atmosphere, so that's why I place the country's flag there. Nothing airplane related x33
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omg I just say this episode yesterday! ^_^
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Careful Soarin' that the wind doesn't-
Soarin': Woah! Ahhh!!!
...Catch into your hood.
S: I'm okay!

Wonderful work
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Heheh, you do have a point there though ^^;

But I'm glad you like this one too =3
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WATCH OUT FOR THAT LAST! *smash!* Ring...^^;
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And then Soarin literally falls x33
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I know I already said this on FB before but, this piece is amazing big bro~! ^W^
your art is getting better and better~! x3 love your art, and love you lots big bwo x3
we should catch up when we have the time ^^
BuizelCream's avatar
I'm glad you like it lil bro~ ^w^ Thank you so much =3

And we should =)
transformers-fan123's avatar
you're most welcome big bro ^w^ keep it up!

and yes we should x3 how are you? *hugs you tight*
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I really like this :)

I wonder how Electuroo look with an hoodie like that on lol :P
BuizelCream's avatar
I'm glad you do~ ^^

And oh, so Electuroo must be a Wonderbolt fan then? =)
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Because of Rainbow Dash lol :P
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Soarin' is best pony
Lightning is best Oc.

DEAL WITH IT * Puts glasses on*
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I'm glad you like this one =3 Thanks ^^
And heheh ^^; maybe? x3 I'll just leave that with every people =)
H-StallionWolf's avatar
that was a bad epsiode, but Soarin's character development there was the best!! which he has more dialog in season 5

And as for your pic, form a Soarin fan, It's amazing!!! I love your style and the expression XD He's so cute and adorable XD
BuizelCream's avatar
Yeah, I have to agree with you =3 I think that was the only episode where Soarin is really part of the plotline of the story ^^ I hope for another episode with him appearing again~

I'm glad you like this one too ^u^ Thanks =D
H-StallionWolf's avatar
yeah Soarin has potential, and now guess he has competition for being the handsomest white stallion X

You're quite welcome ^^
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