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While the one shown is Racer Lightning, this little quirk is actually applicable to the original Lightning too. x3
Ever since he was little, he is usually known to not have enough stamina when tackling the day. With this, he takes a nap early . . and may have also little care about anything else that surrounds him. ^^;

Other than that, it's great to further experiment some lineless artwork from time to time. =3


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Another picture featuring Lightning, another critique from me. However, let me start with saying that this picture feels special.

From the visual point of view, this picture looks amazing. Lightning looks as adorable as always, but what really makes this picture shine is the choice of colors you used: As this picture mainly uses different hues of blue, it feels rather cold, but this is in contrast to the warm rays of yellow sunshine and his orange coat. The colors work together in a great way, combining the calm blue colors with the cozy yellow. A very nice touch is the pillow, which is also in the same blue-yellow style.

But also outside the color aspect, this piece comes to life through the small details. The moved sheets that fold nicely and look very convincing.The pillow on the floor makes it look like Lightning Rider is a very "active" sleeper, turning around often during sleeping. His shades and shirt on the table are a nice detail as well, just as his scarf which lies in the bed.

Originality. I do believe that there are quite a few pictures of sleeping ponies around the web, but I have the feeling that it has become a rarer occurrence to stumble upon them by now, Still, the originality aspect here comes mostly from the nice contrast that Lightning naps during the day, while the sun still falls through the windows. I really like that take, showing a character trait that I don't see often on characters: Being an afternoon sleeper.

There are four different areas I'd like to focus when I talk about the Technique. Those are coloring, the display of textures, anatomy and the lineless style you used here.

Starting with the coloring, I have to say that you really have outdone yourself here. Not only by choosing such harmonic colors for this picture but by translating the light from the window into more vivid colors where it falls upon Lightning and his bed: You can see most colors having a more dull touch when the light from the windows does not fall upon them, where the sunlight makes others colors come to life, shining brightly. This is especially evident on his wings and the yellow part of his suit. Another nice touch is the clever color combination in his mane: The yellow sunlight and his blue mane combine into a green hue, which I only noticed on a very close look.

The textures you show in this picture are diverse and flawlessly executed. The furtight suit with seems to be made from some elastic material, while the shirt and the bed sheet have more cloth-like properties. You manage to express these differences through the way you draw the small folds and stretches. This piece just underlines that you are very skilled when it comes to clothes of any kind.

The anatomy is spot on. I love how his hoof wraps around the pillow and how his wings are flared on his back. Even though I think it would be dangerous for a pegasus to sleep with unfolded wings I can see no problem with this anatomic display not being credible. Even more, as I kinda sleep the same way, I can relate to this picture (Aside from the fact that I dont have wings, but still, it is pretty similar.)

I really like your lineless style, but for this picture, it was a very good choice as well. As this picture plays with very similar shades of blue and yellow, the lineless style makes it look even smoother. There are no hard edges or abrupt color changes, everything seems to be more "flowing" into each other. This is a nice touch for a picture that is dominated by shadows, as darkness makes colors blend into each other as well. I hope we will see more of this lineless style in the future!

If I compare this picture this picture to your HiroTech one, this one doesn't give me the same "Wow!" feeling, which is kinda expected considering that the HiroTech picture had way more action than a sleeping Lightning Rider. However, I started to appreciate this picture more and more the longer I looked at it and wrote this critique. It is a very harmonic composition, a calm and soothing piece of art that I can enjoy in a different way.

So far, I think this picture is one of your best works, and a very nice idea to experiment with your lineless style. I am curious what the future will bring!