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Racing Debut!

Ever since my friend AudiSportDashie commissioned this artwork from Left2Fail, I eventually desired to see how my OC stallion looks like in my style with those outfit on~ 83 Doing another lineless artwork with this awesome concept was a breath of fresh air to me! ^w^

Here we have Lightning Rider as one of the newer members of a racing team called HiroTech. So far as I can understand, AudiSportDashie portrays it as being one of the most popular racing teams in Equestria, rivaling it to the popularity of the Wonderbolts.

To put in mind, I actually considered Lightning being a part of this racing team to be some sort of a "spin-off" version of him, since the canoncial Lightning I have been portraying over the years actually doesn't want to race. ^^' In this one, he is still the same Lightning you know, just having more confidence and self-respect in himself, and also older if that isn't too obvious already. =3

What do you think? Should I draw more mature Lightning? ^^

Lightning Rider (HiroTech Member) small 2 by BuizelCream
By the way, here's a version of him without his shades. =D


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Dat suaveness stallion XD