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-Commission- Our Hearts Will Live On



The final commission piece for 2017 =D
This was very elaborate, and really brings on its own big challenge in itself. And now I can move on to 2018 projects. ^^

-Commission- Winter's Heart by BuizelCream
The prequel to this artwork focused on how lonely Free was, but here we now find him finally falling in love with this beautiful mare, Starlit to fill that void.
It's truly a happy beginning for them. =3

Artwork © BuizelCream/BCPony
Free Speech © Alpha268
Starlit Nightcast © owner
My Little Pony:FiM © HASBRO
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© 2018 - 2022 BuizelCream
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Really like how the yellow interior contrasts the violet sky outside. Nice touch. The piece as a whole looks fantastic!