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Hey folks, I'm making available a plan sheet for House 326. This is for "Version 3," a plan I developed for a client a few years ago based on the original House 326 Storybook Cottage concept. It keeps the original courtyard concept intact, with the inner courtyard developed as a small dog sanctuary with doggie doors built into one or two exterior doors. Square footage was very compact. Unusual arrangement, including screen porch location was to take advantage of specific mountain views. Exterior planned as either stucco OR hardiboard siding. I get a lot of requests for plans for House 326! Let's try this out. Main plan sheet at 24"x 36" has all the main design drawings with main dimensions, as well as brief description of construction methods. If printed out, plans and elevations are at scale 1/8" = one foot. There's also a second bonus sheet with a nice front elevation sketch showing the hardiboard option, and an interior wall/cross section. This sheet good for 8"x11" print out. There's also a written door and window schedule, and a sample budget available, IF you request it. This is a special offer and serves as a test.

Digital version: $80, sent as JPEG or PNG. Main Sheet size is 2400 by 3600. You get that plus the small sheet, AND verbal schedules (noted above) IF you request it.

Mail version: $125, sent as 24" x 36" black and white sheet rolled into tube, plus the small sheet as color print-out at 8"x11". Offered to U.S., Canada, possibly Mexico and elsewhere, but I have to check postage! Tube is 24" long.

Interested? Just prepay me at Paypal (or other.) Contact me, Fran Beauregard, at and use that e-mail for reference for the paypal.

Upon receipt of money, digital versions sent within 24-48 hours, and mail versions will be sent within a few days.

House 326 Perspective Sketch
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