Examples of Bow Roof Architecture Built Recently

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OK folks, so as I do some transitioning and re-training, while I sell my house, I'm watching a lot of construction videos about many different topics and methods of construction. Many of these are world-wide sources. This morning I was checking out videos of bow roof constructions here in U.S. and elsewhere. I linked the "Jungle Outpost" sketch I posted a few years ago for reference. This is an example of "over-the-top" very complex bow-roof architecture. I was surprised to see that some enterprising individuals have built some simple bow-roof sheds, greenhouses, and small homes using either curved steel frame members OR laminated wood frames. Skin can be wood, metal, clear plastic, or other. It certainly proves the concept that small structures can be built with this roof type!

The links to construction videos are posted below the sketch:

Jungle Research Outpost

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Great share!

That's nice... I was gonna design my own house, I don't even think I can without going to an architect. Plus I don't have any money or the amount of money architects in the U.S. alone need to design my house. I did have original plans for it to be fantasy, and it turns out that it's not usually feasible in my state. Is there any way we can work something out for free or cheap? You still have my email noahjamesboyd@gmail.com just in case