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Village of Emerald Grove

Beginning sketch concept for a town map and associated buildings. This is an attempt to unify the numerous small sketches in some of my notebooks, many from as far back as 10 yrs or more. In this case I imagined a small railroad stop town in a fictional place, somewhat Anglo or American, and drew up a town center arranged favorably at a prominent rail stop and station, with taller townhouses and storefronts, and dozens of other cottage and estate homes scattered on smaller and larger lots, on meandering streets with pedestrian paths, alleys, pocket parks and other greenery, and sections of the town near the railroad reserved for light industry and warehousing. 

Architecture is rather colorful, slightly whimsical and "cute," cottage-style, English vernacular, American storybook, Tudor, a bit of other influences. This is a good place to put a lot of my eccentric and complex home concepts that are not likely to be built "in reality" but are entertaining to look at!

This is also a test bed to check scale, look at density, relationship of buildings to each other, street size and purpose, lot size (small in town and larger as you get away from the center,) and many other factors crucial to developing a solid town plan.

SO I'm sure I'll be modifying, adding on to, changing, adding, subtracting, etc this particular file as I try to assign individual buildings to particular streets and locations. For now, here's a glimpse at the beautiful town of "Emerald Grove." Enjoy!

Emerald Grove, other links:

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Such a quaint and very cozy looking town. I especially love the details of each house and building! I've been looking up house styles/architectural styles and now that I have words to search for, I'll probably draw houses! This is a wonderful project!

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Beautiful work, this reminds me of Portmeirion's dream

Built4ever's avatar

I went to the actual town of Portmeirion 2 yrs ago. Lovely. That IS the architect's dream.

1908classic's avatar

Such a treat! I am not a number, I am a free man and I believe the overall ambiance of the village contributed to my decision to leave in a house with character, 60°deg roof pitch (like your icon),etc... ;P

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I could imagine something like this being built by someone like Titus Salt ~ he was an English industrialist who moved his business out of Bradford where things had started to get polluted and overcrowded and instead built an entire town from scratch called Saltaire.

Salt built neat stone houses for his workers (much better than the slums of Bradford), wash-houses with tap water, bath-houses, a hospital and an institute for recreation and education, with a library, a reading room, a concert hall, billiard room, science laboratory and a gymnasium. The village had a school for the children of the workers.

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This is amazing.

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Do you have any close-up of the top right buildings, the townhouses and towncenter buildings? They look nice, but it's a pity we can't see them better. (the 4 pics in upper right angle of the general pic)

Once more, your work is amazing, and I can spend hours just looking at it and dreaming. ^^

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Town Hall:

Town Hall Complete Plan
Town Hall in 3D

Nothing else for the rest, for now...

Nefermeritaset's avatar

Well, that's still something! :) Thanks a lot.

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Carmel By the Sea Monterey Ca; has many small  story book cottages , some still survive-  It was a popular place to visit  the architecture- in the 50's and 60's; Let me know if you know of Carmel By the Sea?
a metal designer/ craftsman- I  now study the at the whimsey and fantasy architectural  metal work on Buildings.  Please Let me know if you are still active and drawing?
 Andrew C.
Built4ever's avatar
Yeah I went to Carmel/Pacific Grove/Monterey in a beat up Volkswagen around 1997 or so I think. Did some sketches of Victorian homes in Pacific Grove. Some of the first detailed sketches of old houses I ever did, along with stuff in Atlanta and Savannah. I visited Carmel briefly but did not draw/sketch there. Beautiful area of course. Big Sur coastline is stunning.
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What is your average rates on blueprints assuming you're a legitimate architect?
Built4ever's avatar
That's too open-ended of a question! I would need specific info on a project before I quote a price range, for custom design service. Yes, I have been designing custom homes, design and all plans, for about 12 years now. I tend to be a good bit less expensive than architecture firms, however. I will say that.
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Great. I admire the patience you had with adding all that little details. *High Five*
Built4ever's avatar
Patience is an understatement. Sometimes I think I'm a little crazy.
Starcave's avatar
With patience one can accomplish greater things. :) It helps that a load of lessons are learned on the way, making the next time faster. :D
Frandsen5's avatar
What fun! too bad it ISN'T "in reality"! I'd go live there in a heartbeat!
Built4ever's avatar
Well, technically, it COULD be built with the appropriate location!
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I so want to live there!
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A nice take on the Garden City Movement.

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