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Village of Amblewood

Concept sketch for an imaginary village set in a lush forest near some spectacular mountains. Architecture based on many styles. Part of my "Infinite Village" concept and "Castles & Villages" Book in progress.

Technique: Pencil sketch on toned paper, 8 and a half inches by 11 inches, scanned, colors and contrast gently tweaked, and titles added. Possible work in progress, I tend to re-visit these sketches and further define anything that's a little foggy, we'll see. Enjoy!

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handonnievan's avatar
amazing level of detail! 
Very beautiful! beautiful to observe and make many journeys with fantasy. :D <3
Genfina's avatar
The good side is that this village will never suffer from flood.
mishkomir's avatar
Over the years I've fallen more and more intensely in love with your work
You put such passion into what you do, and it really does show
Hell, I myself find architecture a bore, yet am always drawn back to your art
Especially fond of your villages and castles! Hope to see those keep rolling in (;
Built4ever's avatar
Thank you for those kind words. Hopefully I "keep rolling" and crank out my best stuff in the near future.
mishkomir's avatar
Definitely looking forward to that!
SkylarKeen's avatar
Delightful and fantastic, very pleasing!
Built4ever's avatar
Thanks sir glad you like, I'm sure I'll do more work on this in the future...
HusseinHorack's avatar
Wonderful. I like the way the village comes down with the road. Very cosy.
Mann-of-LaMancha's avatar
I'm not sure if you could do more to define this, but I've been pleasantly surprised before... :)
Nebride7's avatar
Oh, my goodness!  The detail of each tiny house is amazing!  Love the town center in the... center.  This really speaks to my inner crafter!  I'd love to build a miniature replica of this.
Built4ever's avatar
That would be interesting. Complicated!
Nebride7's avatar
Yeah, way too complicated for me, I'm afraid.  My creativity surpasses my abilities all the time.  After decades of getting myself in over my head on a crafting project, I'm finally learning what I can and can't do.  But I still dream about it... :)
Built4ever's avatar
So many things to build, so little time on this precious earth he he...
Nebride7's avatar
yeah, that for certain. :)
HoshiBlue21's avatar
Really liked this village! hope to se more of Amblewood in the future!
Built4ever's avatar
I'll do a more detailed version later....
MrEd301's avatar
And we're all a little foggy sometimes!! ;)
Built4ever's avatar
Depending on whether you had one or two IPA's at the pub. When are you moving the mansion?
MrEd301's avatar
LOL!! I'm not certain of the date, but it should be relatively soon. I'm sure it will be on the news..
Built4ever's avatar
You're going to be there?
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